Job Prospects of Biotechnology

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Job Prospects of Biotechnology

For research in biotechnology, I would advocate BSc as compared to BE. Because for research you need to do your MSc and then join as a research associate and then do your doctorate. If you have the passion, patience, perseverance and the personality traits to be a diligent researcher then biotechnology would be an ideal field to build a successful career.

The students who are disillusioned with biotechnology are the ones who go into the field with blinkers on their eyes. They read about the sensational breakthroughs in the field of biotech and want to do the same. They fail to understand that any research work involves a lot of in – depth study and hard work. Scientific breakthroughs are the result of years of hard work and not all research studies result in great discoveries. Fame and recognition is not possible overnight.

And secondly the value of a biotechnologist is dependent on his expertise and experience. In the initial year’s one has to start as a research assistant which is not a easily available job position for a fresher; and the salary at this level may not be high as compared to the IT, Engineering or Finance careers. But the right specialisation and experience can lead to a handsome salary and you would have the satisfaction of doing a job you love.


India’s pharmaceutical industry is taking in a lot of biotechnologists. The core biotech industries are yet to pick up in a big way as compared to other industries. But this is a growing sector.

My advise to you would be to take a serious look and ensure :

  • you are passionate about this area of study.
  • Do you have the traits to take up research study as you have to focus on any one area like maybe cancer drug research, waste management, agriculture ( these are just examples I am giving you ) and then keep on doing further and further specialisations in this. The specialists are the kings in this field. You cannot afford to get bored of working in the same field for a long time. (or)
  • If you are an extrovert who likes people interaction, then research is not an area for you. Think hard, think long and then come to a decision. Every career has its advantage and disadvantage. It is you who needs to weigh the pros and cons and then take a balanced decision. If you need help please consult a career counselor and take professional guidance.

Employment Opportunities will be in Pharmaceutical Companies, Food Processing Industry.

Dairy, Brewery, Cheese, Baked Products, Fertiliser and Chemical Companies, especially in the R & D department or the quality Control Department, Waste Management, Agriculture and Allied industries. Research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector are another source of employment. Starting salaries in India range from 10000 to 40, 000 depending upon the industry you get into and the college you graduate from and also the experience you have. As you gain experience, the salary level can progressively increase.

List of Colleges offering Biotech Courses in Bangalore :

Sl.No.Name of the Government General Hospital for the School of Nursing attachedNo. of DME GNM seats available
1Govt. General Hospital, Kakinada.60
2King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam. 60
3Govt. General Hospital, Guntur60
4Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool.60
5Govt. General Hospital, Vijayawada. 30
6SVRR Govt. General Hospital, Tirupati30
7RIMS, Ongole60
8District Head Quarters Hospital, Eluru50

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