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Career in Marketing – Service Marketing

Service Marketing :

As the title suggests, this aspect relates to marketing of services like insurance, healthcare, IT enabled services, etc. In recent past, it has become very dominant.

As a consequence, careers in service marketing have picked up in banking and finance, tourism, healthcare and software development, etc.

To be successful in this field you have to be strongly motivated with strong analytical and communication skills.

A person in this field should be comfortable in dealing with product attributes and issues that are harder to observe and classify because of the intangible nature of most service products.

Direct Response Marketing :

It is a method of marketing directly to the consumer. Being the fastest growing marketing channel, it includes vehicles like direct print, telephone marketing, catalogues, in – home presentations and door-to-door marketing as also electronic ordering.

In India, this method has been used of late for marketing vacuum cleaners, credit cards, membership of clubs and Amway International.

You must have personal qualities like creativity, perseverance and quantitative skills.

International Marketing :

Due to globalisation of the Indian economy, this has become a specialised career opportunity.

Since there are very few companies like Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette and Nestle, which hire people, specifically for international marketing, the best route to get into such a career is to take up a domestic sales position with an international firm.

Fluency in foreign languages and some experience in living in another country are essential pre-requisites for success in this field.

Since their efforts contribute to the overall sales turnover of an organisation, sales persons occupy a key position in modern marketing.

Also, the sales personnel of an organisation have to perform many useful ancillary services such as sales forecasting, market and consumer research, realisation of dues, dealing with complaints, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that marketing is a comprehensive and total process, which starts with assessing the needs of the customers and then tries to meet those needs through implementation of different strategies related to product planning, pricing, etc.

The behaviour and attitude of the personnel providing the services has an impact on the customer’s overall perception of the service.

Eligibility :

The education and qualification relevant to marketing is obtained at the postgraduate level, i.e., MBA with specialisation in Marketing Management.

In addition, there are certain management institutes which conduct diploma courses on marketing management and offer a PG Diploma / Diploma in Marketing / Marketing and Sales.

Graduation in any discipline is the minimum qualification required for an entry to a course on Marketing Management. The selection for most institutes is based on an entrance test.

The duration of the course may range from one to three years depending upon the course.

Aptitude :

To be a marketing professional, it is important to cultivate traits that distinguish you from others. One should be punctual and committed to one’s work.

The ability to sell a product is most required in this sector. You should have an answer why anyone should buy from you. You should have a complete check on the customer needs and interests.

Every organisation comprises of people among whom the power is distributed. A professional should have the instinct to meet the right people.

The first impression should be right and in relation with the customer’s needs. The sales call should be opened with a benefit statement and a brief introduction. The needs of the customers should be identified properly and accordingly.

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