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Career in Medical Pathology

Pathology is a branch of medical sciences that deals with the study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them. The Greek word ‘pathos’ meaning pain or suffering and ‘–logy’ means the study. It is done through examining molecules, cells, tissues and organs.

The German pathologist Rudolf Virchow ( 1821 – 1902 ) is regarded the father of pathology. With the help of compound microscope Virchow was among the earliest physicians to emphasize the study of manifestations of disease which were visible only at the cellular level.

With the development of new research techniques, such as electron microscopy, immunohisto chemistry, and molecular biology, the study in this field has expanded many folds. Now biomedical scientists and pathologists can find out the cause of many diseases by only studying the changes occurred in the patients i.e. by testing blood, urine, stool etc.

In the broadest sense, nearly all research which links manifestations of disease to identifiable processes in cells, tissues, or organs can be considered pathology. A medical doctor that specializes in pathology is called a pathologist. Pathologists are experts at interpreting microscopic views of body tissues.

Medical Pathology Eligibility Criteria

Pathology is a specialized field in medical sciences. One who has completed MBBS will only be eligible to pursue M.D. in Pathology. The period of training for obtaining this degree is three years.

In the case of students having a recognized two year post graduate diploma course in the same subject, the period of training, including the period of examination, is of two years.

The examinations are organized on the basis of grading or marking system to evaluate and certify candidate’s level of knowledge, skill and competence at the end of the training and obtaining a minimum of 50% marks in theory as well as practical separately is mandatory for clearing the examination. The examination for M.D. or Doctor of Medicine is held at the end of 3 academic years ( six academic terms ) and for diploma at the end of 2 academic years ( four academic terms ). One academic term is of six months.

Medical Pathology Career Prospects

A Medical Pathologist can start with an established hospital in the bracket of ₹ 3,00,000 – 3,50,000 annually in the private sector. Alternatively he can join Government hospital like AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences ) where the posts are filled up as and when the vacancy arises. The other lucrative option is to open a pathology laboratory himself. He can also appear for Combined Medical Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, Government of India and for doctors in provincial civil service examination conducted by respective provincial service commissions, army and naval forces.

The list of the institutes that offer the course of M.D. Pathology in India and recognized by Medical Council of India.

Note : These colleges are recognized or permitted under section 10(A).

Admission Schedule for ( Pre School ) - Session { 2016 - 2017 }
Commencement of admission process1st January, 2016 ( Friday )
Commencement of availability of admission applications (on all working days)1st January, 2016 ( Friday ) from 08:00 AM to 02:30 PM
Last date of submission of admission applications in School22nd January, 2016 ( Friday )
The date for displaying the first list of selected candidates ( including Waiting List ) : ( along with marks allotted under point system )15th February, 2016 ( Monday )
The date for displaying the second list ( if any ) ( including Waiting List ) ( along with marks allotted under point system )29th February, 2016 ( Thursday )
Closure of admission Process31st March, 2016 ( Thursday )

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