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Nutrition and Dietetics Career

After passing your twelfth class, a course in nutrition and dietetics can offer you an exciting career opportunity. A degree in Home Science or Hotel Management would take you to higher levels of knowledge regarding nutrition and dietetics.

Conventionally, in India, it is the women who venture into this domain. However, due to ample opportunities these days, men are also pursuing a career in this field.

Step – by – Step Process in Nutrition and Dietetics Career :

Typically, the objective of a course in nutrition and dietetics is :

  • To identify nutrition and dietary problems in segments of populations.
  • To devise socially, economically and technologically viable methods to control nutrition and dietary problems in the country.
  • To devise newer management and administration techniques to monitor nutrition and dietetics.
  • To encourage research on nutrition and develop future scientists for the country.
  • To advise governments and health bodies on issues related with nutrition.

Starting Nutrition and Dietetics Career Early :

After completing school, you may get admitted to a B.Sc degree in Home Science if you have qualifying marks. Otherwise, in order to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics, you may pursue a one year diploma from any popular institute.

The most popular college is the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. This college offers a master’s degree and postgraduate certificate in Nutrition.

The college has been acknowledged worldwide for its research on nutrition. Also, SNDT College, Mumbai and Mangalore University offer competent courses in Nutrition and dietetics.

Nutrition and Dietetics Career Eligibility :

If you have an inborn interest in cooking and exploring various cuisines from different countries, nutrition and dietetics is one subject which will help you explore how to design controlled diets.

Based on the body mass index, you can design your own food charts that would summarize the quantity of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins which must be consumed everyday.

For a career, initially, this may be a low paying job. But once you have picked up and gained experience, there is a lot of scope and you may earn quite well and travel abroad as well.

Expenses for Nutrition and Dietetics Course :

A graduate degree course in nutrition and dietetics could cost you around ₹ 10,000 or above per year depending on the college you choose. A diploma could cost more but its course content would be integrated in order to make it a one – year programme.

Funding / Scholarship :

Banks such as State Bank of India and other state subsidiaries offer a maximum loan of up to ₹ 7.5 lacs in India and about 15 lacs to study abroad. This amount can be paid in easy instalments spread over a period of a few years time at low interest rates.

Nutrition and Dietetics Job Prospects :

As a career, hotels, cruise lines, hospitals, nursing homes and government health departments recruit nutrition and dietetics professionals for a good salary.

If you join a shipping company such as Shell, Maersk or their subsidiary companies that run tourist ships along with logistics and oil et al., you would get the opportunity to travel to several countries situated along the shorelines.

Remuneration for Nutrition and Dietetics Career :

A fresher who has completed a course in Nutrition and Dietetics may draw anywhere between ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 20,000 in a standard hospital or nursing home of repute.

Several sports organizations, companies and factories hire these professionals for designing a healthy menu for their cafeteria. Spas and clinics hire dieticians to use them for designing healthy, low – calorie monthly food charts for their customers.

When combined with a degree in hotel management, the salary levels could be between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 25,000.

International Focus on Nutrition and Dietetics Career :

Diet masters play a vital role in developed countries and their importance is now also felt in India. In countries such as the United States, medical dieticians earn a monthly salary of say $20,000 – 40,000 if they possess the expertise expected by the companies.

Nutrition and Dietetics Career Positives and Negatives :

+ves :

  • If you have scored less in school, no worries, a course in nutrition and dietetics is easy to get admitted to.
  • Besides post graduate master’s degree, colleges also offer one year diploma and pg diploma in nutrition and dietetics.
  • The subject is quite interesting and very much applicable in our daily lives. You can design food charts for your own family members and not just for your customers. The subject provides ample scope for personal research as well.

-ves :

  • The starting salaries are comparatively lower than other professions.
  • The opportunities may be limited if you are looking for an excellent job paying you high in your local area alone. On the other hand, if you are willing to travel, the salary may be high.
  • Jobs over ships and cruise lines may require you to stay away from home for several weeks.

Different Roles, Different Names :

A course in nutrition and dietetics is as good as a hotel management course if knowledge is continuously upgraded about foods, measurement scales, and medical implications.

If you are employed in a hospital, you can learn a lot about nursing and pharmacy  which could be further used to complement your career as a dietician.

Top Companies Offering Nutrition and Dietetics Career :

The top 5 companies in the hospitality industry hiring nutrition professionals are as mentioned below :

  • Hyatt Corporation.
  • Accor Hospitality.
  • Taj Group of Hotels.
  • Vatika Group.
  • Le Meridien.

Besides these, there are several companies in other industries such as Apollo group of hospitals, AIIMS and other private nursing homes that hire nutritionists and dieticians. Top – ended sports clubs and fitness centres also employ these professionals.

Tips for Getting Hired :

You could follow the steps mentioned below to get hired as a dietician :

  1. Keep your knowledge upgraded on latest food measurement techniques for measuring calories of food consumed and various nutrition elements such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins etc. Several magazines and journals provide comments from expert dieticians.
  2. You are expected to have good communication skills. Thus, sound optimistic and confident during interviews.

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