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Career in Packaging Technology : : Eligibility & Selection Procedure for Packaging Technology

Millions of Years ago people hunted for food and ate it at once. Soon they realized they could keep their food longer if they protected it, so they made pockets from animal skin and large leaves, and kept water in containers made from coconut shells and dried vegetable skins.

Gradually packaging came into existence to take care of food, medicine and consumer goods etc. Packaging was invented in 1875 by Henry J. Packaging. Packaging is heavily integrated into our daily lives; we see it all around us.

Packaging is the Art, Science and Technology of protecting or enclosing products for distribution, storage, sale and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. It is used for several purposes.

  • Contain products, defining the amount the consumer will purchase.
  • Protects products from contamination, from environmental damages and from theft.
  • Facilitate transportation and storing of products.
  • Carry information and colourful design that make attractive displays.

Packaging makes a bridge between production and marketing. Virtually every product, whether grown or manufactured, must be packaged so that it reaches the consumer in an acceptable condition. Packaging is now generally regarded as an essential component of our modern lifestyle and the way business is organized. Packaging, today, is identified as a need for industrial growth and economic development of a country.

Types of Packaging Technology Courses :

Different levels of courses are offered by different institutes in India as well as abroad. Some of the popular courses in India are :

  • Two Years Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging.
  • Four Years Engineering ( B.Tech. ) in Packaging Technology.
  • One Year Packaging Management Course.
  • Three Years Diploma in Packaging Technology
  • Three Months Intensive Course in Packaging.

Besides the above, One Year Graduate Technology Course in Packaging, both Part – Time and distance mode is also offered by various institutes in India and abroad.

Packaging Technology Institutes in India :

Following Institutes in India are engaged to offer various Training and Course Programs in Packaging Technology :

ProgramsQualifying Examination
B.Tech. Courses ( First Year ) All Branches H.Sc. ( Academic ) with a minimum average of 60% marks in Maths, Physics and Chemistry ( or ) H.Sc. ( Vocational with Maths / Physics/ Chemistry as Related Subjects with a minimum average of 60% ( or ) Any Diploma with 70% of marks final and Pre - Final ( or ) Other equivalent Examination accepted by admitting authority with a minimum average of 60% marks
Age limit : 21 years for OC / BC / MBC / DNC No age limit for SC / ST
B.Tech. Lateral entry Courses ( Direct Second Year )An average of 60% of marks in pre final and final semester put together in a three year diploma course in relevant area
B.Tech. ( Bio Technology )H.Sc. ( Academic ) with a minimum average of 60% marks in Life Science, Physics, Chemistry

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