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Career in Personnel Management

In today‚Äôs business environment where success of any organization is directly proportional to the quality of its employees, personnel management has emerged as one of the most significant areas of management education. Employees are an organization’s most important assets. Today employing good executives have become not only a tricky but and expensive process as well. Training them about the values and skills they need to succeed, ensuring they understand the organization’s mission and strategy, and keeping them productive is the most important priority of any management.

There are plenty of job opportunities for qualified Personnel managers both in public as well as in private sector. Every industry, business and trade needs Personnel Managers for maintaining their work force. So job prospects for personnel specialists are very bright. These mainly include major business and corporate houses, factories, industries, government departments and govt. ministries etc.

Personnel Management Career Eligibility

  • A basic graduate degree or a higher qualification.

Personnel Management Career Skills & Attributes

An outgoing, friendly personality; ability to handle people, ability to handle pressure, ability to handle deadlines, excellent communication skills & leadership skills are necessary to be an effective personnel manager. He / she should be a great team player and a source of inspiration and motivation to the subordinates.

Personnel Management Job Prospects

As a certificate holder in Personnel Management, you can work as a personnel officer, labour officer, employee relations officer, labour and welfare officer or industrial relations and training officer in large industrial and business organizations, government undertakings, factories, mines, plantations, hospitals, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, professional institutions or organizations that have a large workforce. You could even start your own recruitment consultancy after you have gained some work experience. Briefly, the work includes payroll processing, recruitment, disciplinary action, evaluation, motivation and training, maintaining contracts, time sheets, holiday, sickness, maternity leave etc of the staff.

Personnel Management Pay Package

Over the years, the role of personnel professionals has become an integral part of any organization and hence depending on your qualification and experience, this field promises a hot career. As a trainee, one can start with a salary of ₹ 6000 – ₹ 10000. one can command a higher salary as the knowledge and familiarity raises.

Institutes / Universities Offering Personnel Management Course

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.