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One should have well developed analytical and research skills in order to pursue a course in Petroleum Engineering.

An eye for detail is of utmost importance for a Petroleum Technologist. Since a Petroleum Technologist is needed to work in an interdisciplinary team, one should embody the quality of team spirit in oneself and should also have excellent communication skills.

Managerial skills are of great importance in Petroleum Engineering and one should have excellent decision – making and problem – solving skills.

The ability to work in tight – schedules and meet deadlines is another important skill required if one wants to make a career in Petroleum Engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Courses :

Various Courses in Petroleum Technology are available at universities and institutes across normally, has duration of four years while a Post Graduate Course is of two years duration.

The University of Petroleum Studies located Dehradun (Uttranchal) offers a range of Graduate and Postgraduate Courses in Petroleum Technology.

These courses have been designed in such a manner as would provide support to all kinds of activities – research, development and consultancy – which are undertaken in the technical and managerial aspects of the petroleum industry.

One can avail of B.Tech and M.Tech Degrees in Gas Engineering and Applied Petroleum Engineering, and Automotive Design Engineering.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Petro – Marketing and Oil and Gas Management are also available in this university. Courses leading of M.Tech in Petro – Information and MS in Oil Trading are available at this university too.

The Nowrosjee Wadia College, which is affiliated to University of Pune, offers a course leading of M.Sc. (Applied) Petroleum Technology.

This is a regular Master’s Degree in Petroleum Technology. With the demand for trained professionals having risen to ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) and many other oil service companies, the college has extended this course in Geology and started this program.

This Program covers aspects that relate to the operations involved in the prospecting and the production of petroleum. Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry are covered under this program. The program also stresses upon managing hydrocarbon resources economically.

Two M.Tech Courses in Petroleum Technology, with specialization in different areas, are available at the Dibrugarh University.

The first course is in petroleum exploration and production while the second course is in petroleum refining and petrochemicals.

A Postgraduate Diploma in Petrochemical and Refining is offered at the Institute of Cheminformatics studies located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh).

The Anna University in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) offers an M.Tech (Petroleum refining and Petrochemicals) and M.E. Energy Engineering – one for the chemical and petroleum industry and one for the automobile industry.

One can also avail of research work in Petroleum Technology. Scientific research activities and business development activities are carries on at the Indian Institute of Petroleum Technology.

Two institutes in the country, viz, the Indian School of Mines in Dahanbad (Jharkhand) and the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Pune (Maharashtra) offer the Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship, which is offered by the Society of Petroleum Engineers of the USA. One can apply for this scholarship in order to study Petroleum Engineering.

For further information regarding this scholarship, one can log in to the website

Petroleum Engineering Prospects :

Petroleum, Popularity known as “black gold” is very important for the overall industrialization and development of any economy.

Hence this industry has rich prospects both within India and also outside India. Earlier, the oil and natural gas industry used to employ petroleum specialists from diverse fields like Mining, Geology and Chemical Engineering.

But this industry now employs professionals trained in specialized Courses in Petroleum Technology.

One who has Professional Degree in Petroleum Technology under one’s belt will find employment opportunities in government undertakings like Indian Oil, Oil India Limited, HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited), BP (British Petroleum) and ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation).

Job Opportunities are also available at Petroleum producing companies, well – logging companies, and consulting engineering companies. One will also find jobs in research and educational institutions.

Branches of Petroleum Engineering :

  • Oil Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Reservoir Management
  • Transport

Both the sectors – upstream and downstream offer many jobs prospects in this industry. In the upstream sector, Geologist and Geophysicists are employed apart from Petroleum Engineers.

The downstream Sector Employs Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical Instrumentation and Production Engineers.

As a Petroleum Technologist, one will find employment in many kinds of industries related to petroleum and its exploration, geological and geophysical companies; oil gas and resource companies, oil, gas and resource companies; engineering consulting firms and gas and chemical plants.

One will also be able to find employment with large multinational companies operating in India and abroad.

These companies offer a wide range of job opportunities since they are involved in a wide range of activities related to the oil industry like oil exploration and production, oil refining, petrochemical operation, petroleum products distribution and marketing and international trading.

One can also engage oneself in research works, in the field of Petroleum Technology. Research and Development Work in Petroleum Technology is carried on at the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) in Dehradun.

Manufacturing practices and updating processes in the refining of crude oil are improved upon through research and development work.

Research work has enabled refineries to alter the different fractions based on crude oil characteristics.

This has helped in meeting the surging demands of petroleum and also in maximizing the profits.

The oil industry is over ₹ 4,50,000 crores in India. Some Indian oil companies also find themselves enlisted within the list of Fortune 500 companies.

This sector employs more than seven lakh people. The numbers of job opportunities in this sector are on the rise due to the increase in the number of private petroleum and petrochemical industries during last three decades.

Remuneration :

Due to huge demand for petroleum engineers, both in India and abroad, one who has a professional degree in Petroleum Engineering will receive a very handsome salary, right from the beginning.

One will be able to command a starting salary ranging between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 40,000 per month.

According to a salary survey held in 2004, Bachelor’s degree holders in petroleum engineering received starting offers averaging more than many lakhs of rupees.

This is an indicator of the huge remuneration that professionals in this industry receive and also an indicator of the immense prospects that are in store in the future in Petroleum Engineering.

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