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Training for a bachelor’s degree in one of the Biological, Chemical, or Mathematical Sciences at an accredited college or university is the first step towards becoming a plant pathologist. Certain employment opportunities may be enhanced by undergraduate coursework or a major in plant pathology. For example plant pathology expertise is useful for farm and greenhouse managers, park and golf course superintendents, agribusiness sales representatives, and other biological science positions requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate work in plant pathology usually is essential to acquire sufficient knowledge of the science to obtain most professional positions. Most state universities with a college of agriculture offer advanced curricula leading to a master of science and / or a doctor of philosophy degree in plant pathology. Employment opportunities include Research, Product Development, Sales, Teaching, Extension, Administration, Regulatory Work and Private Practice.

Certain institutions also offer advanced degrees in crop protection or plant health that combine curricula in crop science, soil science, entomology, weed science, and plant pathology with practical experience to prepare graduates for careers as private or public practitioners of plant health management. The expanding interest in the quality of our global environment and increasing global demand for high – quality food, fiber, tree and ornamental plants provides many opportunities for plant pathologists.

These professionals often are sought by government and nonprofit organizations and corporations to participate in teams of specialists addressing international agricultural development. Such employment may be on a continuing or a consulting basis. If you are interested in a challenging and exciting career in plant pathology, contact a plant pathology department in one of the state universities listed below for information on curricula and career opportunities.

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