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Rubber is a natural product which is, produced by various techniques to make it useable by various industries for production of different end products. The most essential end product is tyre, right from high tech aircraft tyre and formula 1 car racing to tyre for bicycles.

Rubber is processed and then moulded into the required shape. Treated or processed rubber is also used by various other end products like those used in various industries like car decoration etc.

The branch of engineering that deals with the processing of latex, natural rubber or synthetic rubber to transform them into useful products is known as Rubber Technology.

This subject of study includes the types of rubbers, their properties and descriptions of formulation of rubber compounds.

There are few people in India who are aware of this emerging career option. The country has now about 6,000 rubber units. With the increasing number of automobiles and increasing use of rubber in industries, rubber technology is becoming a lucrative career option for students.

Rubber Technology Eligibility Criteria

The minimum qualification for pursuing B.E. / BTech in Rubber Technology is +2 Science with Physics, Chemistry and Maths or Biology. There are several institutions in the country including the IITs, offering BTech / MTech in Rubber Technology.

The selection is generally made on the basis of entrance examination conducted either through IITJEE or through various other engineering entrance examinations at state level.

Rubber Technology Job Prospects

Rubber technologists / engineers can find jobs in both private and public sectors. In India the demand for trained personnel are soaring high in the recent times.

Students of Rubber Technology are generally absorbed in tyre companies like Apollo Tyres Ltd, Jayashree Polymers group, L.M.Fibres Ltd, Ceat Tyres Ltd, Mumbai, Hi Tech Carbon Ltd, St Gobain Industries, MRF Ltd, TVS Motors Ltd. etc.

As rubber is an important part of the semi conductor industry huge recruitments are also taking place here. Other industries like those making waterproof wares e.g. Duckback ( Kolkata ) also recruit students from this field.

Public sector undertakings including Gas Authority of India Limited and Haldia Petrochemicals also hire trained rubber technologists.

One can also find jobs abroad too. International tyre companies and industries are tapping talents from India. Rubber processing units of the western countries like France, U.K and U.S are also recruiting trained professionals from India.

Rubber Technology Pay Package

Rubber technologists / engineers are generally paid higher salary. The pay is much higher in foreign companies compared to those of the Indian companies.

The candidates with bright academic career and experience are offered handsome salary with other benefits and the relocation package and bonus. The average starting salary ranges between ₹ 2.5 Lakhs – ₹ 3.5 Lakhs per annum.

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