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The Government of India has set up a prestigious institute known as Indian Institute of Rural Management at Anand in Gujarat to cater to the growing needs of competent professionals in Rural Management. The course is for two years and is divided into four semesters. The minimum qualification for the written exam of the institute is graduation with fifty percent marks. The entrance test basically tests common general knowledge and mathematical ability of the students. A brief descriptive knowledge based on rural development is also tested to find out whether the candidate is really interested in a tough work like rural development. The entrance test is the first screening stage. The next is the interview. The interview is by and large a mere formality.

Though the entrance test is open to all, it is a better proposition for the humanities students to go for rural development course. After passing out from the institute, a student is placed appropriately with the Government of India’s rural development projects or with some voluntary agencies or any international level Non – Government Organisation ( NGO ).

Non-Government agencies like Action Aid and Organisation of Rural Development advise worldwide governments for their rural development. Their function is backed by high-end research facilities and case study module back up for international sources. Funds to many of the non-governmental organisations are provided by the countries like the US and the UK. Their funding is further supplemented by some development work in the particular region. Many institutions and corporate houses also fund the rural development programs. This gives the company some kind of brand equity and extra mileage.

The other avenue open for Rural Management professional are the research institutes. There are also equal opportunities in agencies like United Nations and its subsidiary social research agencies. The main work of a Rural Management professional includes planning systematic development of the region where one is working. Secondly, the person is expected to collect necessary data on topics like illiteracy rate, nourishment rate, development of women and other relevant information. These data are further classified into broader heads and many plans are prepared accordingly.

The entire development of any project depends on the rural development professional whose accuracy and perfection is of utmost importance. As far as United Nations is concerned, the organisation through its various agencies like UNICEF and UNESCO contributes a lot to the rural development of many nations including India. These projects are assigned to individual parties and organisations specialising in the particular area. For the Government of India, there are plenty of projects both handled by the Central Government or the State Governments. The States focus more on the agricultural front and that is where local expertise of a Rural Management professional is greatly required.

The professional studies the topological area and other pertinent socio – economic aspects of the region. Through this one can plan an ideal mix of product description and fund allocation. Therefore, such planning needs meticulous calculations as any lacunae would adversely affect the entire exercise.

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