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Rural Managers work with NGOs, Government Organisations, Private Enterprises, Rural Industries, Cooperatives, Banks ( NABARD ) and Financial institutions. There are also growing opportunities with multinational companies, which are seeking entry into the huge, untapped rural markets, particularly in sectors such as Power, Production and Industry Agriculture, Rural Housing, Transportation, Telecom, Automobile, Electric and Electronics. They work in rural enterprises as Policy Makers, Managers, Analysts and Consultants advising on operational efficiency and improvements.

Rural managers work as Analysts and Consultants.

Rural Management Tasks :

  • Devising the most efficient methods of accomplishing work in the rural sector, evolving operating procedures and analysing operational problems.
  • Studying inadequacies of existing structures.
  • Organising information database.
  • Preparing recommendations for implementing new systems or for bringing about changes in existing methods for streamlining operating procedures in all related sectors.
  • Managing all functional areas of Management – General Management, Marketing, Finance,  Systems, Project Implementation, Purchase, Human Resource Development, in all segments of rural – based enterprises.
  • Visiting rural areas and farmlands for advising and making assessments.


As far as remuneration is concerned, the pay packages may not be as lucrative as in some other management professions. But there is tremendous amount of satisfaction achieved in the field of rural work. After working for seven to eight years in rural areas, one can shift to some metro cities for planning and development work. There the remuneration would be quite good and a lot of social prestige, is attached to it. So, if you have a penchant for working in the rural development sector and want to do something for the downtrodden, a career in rural development would be ideal. You can avail both satisfaction and social acceptability, which is very important in one’s life. You would set examples for others and others can also follow suit.

A Career in Rural Management would also give you the opportunity to travel along the length and breadth of the country and mix with a large cross-section of people with whom you can share your joy and aspirations.

Prominent Organisations in Rural Development

  • Action for Food Production ( APPRO ).
  • Association for Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development ( AVARD ).
  • Aga Khan Rural Support Program( AKRSP ).
  • BAIF
  • Development Alternatives
  • Ecotech Services ( ETS )
  • MS Swaminathan Foundation.
  • Society for the Promotion of Wasteland Development ( SPWD ).
  • Regional Centre for Human: Settlement and Environment.

Rural Management Institutions :

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