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One who is professionally qualified as a Development Worker, will find immense job opportunities with handsome pay packages. NGOs have mushroomed in large numbers in the country in the past few years. Again, the concept of corporate social responsibility has gained ground in the private sector of the country which has led to the adoption of numerous social projects by corporate houses. These developments have given rise to a huge demand for Development Workers across the country. As a fresher, one should join an NGO or some social service organisation as a volunteer. This will be rewarding as far as gaining knowledge about Development Work is concerned. It will also give the work experience needed to work with large organizations.

International Agencies offering Job Prospects

  • United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF )
  • United Nations Development Program ( UNDP )
  • International Labour Organisation ( ILO )
  • World Health Organisation ( WHO )
  • Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere ( CARE )
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation ( UNESCO )
  • Helpage India

At the grass-roots level in the country, there is great lag in Social Development and major agencies recruit qualified professionals to work on projects undertaken at the grass-roots level. One with specialisation in the area of Community Development will find employment opportunities with the urban and rural civic bodies, viz. municipal bodies, panchayats; schools for the disabled; family welfare agencies; non-governmental organisations and international agencies.

Publicity, advocacy, research and documentation are other important areas of work and one will readily find employment in these areas if one has some experience in the field of journalism. Jobs of Welfare Officers, Personnel Officers, HRD Executives, Industrial Relations Executives and Social Security Officers are available in commercial enterprises and several industries, if one is specialised in the field of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. Institutions which are involved in correctional measures and rehabilitation programs, like prisons, remand homes and juvenile homes, offer employment opportunities for the ones who are specialised in Criminology and Correctional Administration. There are several organisations which are devoted to the prevention of issues like homelessness, drug abuse, violence, poverty and child abuse. One can work for developing programs in these organisations as policymakers and social work planners.
The best work opportunities, however, are offered with international organisations working in the area of Social Development. International organisations like UNICEF; CRY ( Child Rights and You ); Helpage India- the organisation that works for the elderly people; CARE ( Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere ), etc., are involved in developmental work and are full of job opportunities.

Work opportunities are also available in the fields of criminology and correctional social work, community and mental health and social justice and governance. When one gets sufficient work experience in this field, one can practise independently as a counsellor or therapist. As an independent counsellor, one will provide support to the needy people in terms of educational and legal advice. One can also set up an NGO or a voluntary organisation of one’s own, if one has sufficient work experience in any particular field. Teaching is another field in which one can try one’s hand. One can work as a teacher, instructor or lecturer in centres offering training for community development personnel and for other specialists in the field.


One will get good remuneration in this field if one is professionally trained as a Development Worker. The starting salary ranges between ₹96,000 to ₹1,08,000 per annum. One will get a salary between ₹8,000 and ₹9,000 per month if one has a Masters in Social Work ( MSW ) Degree under one’s belt. One will be able to get a salary which is as high as ₹16,000 per month if one is employed in special projects undertaken by corporate houses. The salaries are even higher in the UN-affiliated international organisations and other voluntary organisations reputed internationally. One will get very good remunerations if one is involved- in offering counselling and advice to voluntary bodies and organisations which are involved in Development Work. Thus, contrary to popular belief that Social Work is a low-paying profession, one will be able to earn a lot provided one works sincerely and wholeheartedly in this field.

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