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Careers in Special Education

To understand better about special education, we have to understand about exceptional child first. An exceptional child is the one who deviates from a normal or average child in mental, physical and social characteristics to such an extent that he requires a modification of school practices or special education, to develop his maximum capacity.

Therefore, special education is that profession concerned with the arrangement of education newables leading to prevention, reduction or elemination of those condition that produce significant defects.  In other term, special education is one that provides a pupil with direct services of a trained special educator, who uses a unique curriculum, a different method, and / or specialized instructional material which are quite different from those traditionally available in the regular grades.

The main aim of special education is to make child to adjust himself in school, family and other social attachments so that they may be able to solve their day to day problems.

Specially trained teachers, guide & help the child to make them self independent so that they may not burden on society. The system simply encourage the family and the community in helping to reduce the problems of handicaps. Educational Institutions, Universities, Non – Government Organizations ( NGO ) offering several professional courses in special education.


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