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Career in Teaching Education

Career Teaching Courses :

  1. Accounting: Specialist Teaching Area
  2. Agriculture: Specialist Teaching Area
  3. Asian Languages: Specialist Teaching Area
  4. Biology: Specialist Teaching Area
  5. Business Management and Business Communication Technologies: STA Part B
  6. Chemistry: Specialist Teaching Area
  7. Drama: Specialist Teaching Area
  8. Economics: Specialist Teaching Area
  9. English: Specialist Teaching Area
  10. English as a Second Language: Specialist Teaching Area
  11. European Languages: Specialist Teaching Area
  12. Geography: Specialist Teaching Area
  13. History: Specialist Teaching Area
  14. Information Processing and Technology / Information Technology Systems: Specialist Teaching Area
  15. Legal Studies: Specialist Teaching Area
  16. Mathematics: Specialist Teaching Area
  17. Mathematics A: Specialist Teaching Area
  18. Film, Television and the New Media: Specialist Teaching Area
  19. Music: Specialist Teaching Area
  20. Music-Choral: Specialist Teaching Area
  21. Music-Instrumental: Specialist Teaching Area

Top Universities Offering Career Teaching B Ed Correspondence :

  1. Annamalai University
  2. Bangalore University
  3. Jamia Millia Islamia Institure of Post Graduate Studies and Research
  4. University of Kerala, Institute of Distance Education
  5. University of Madras
  6. Maharishi Dayananad University
  7. Mother Teresa Women’s University
  8. Patna University
  9. SNDT Women’s University
  10. Madurai Kamaraj University

Career Teaching Options :

Preschool Teacher :

Preschool teacher requirements vary by state, employer and the source of funding for the program. A few programs require only a high school diploma or associate’s degree, but most require a bachelor’s degree in child development or early childhood education. Some programs may require a national Child Development Association (CDA) credential.

Kindergarten and Elementary Teacher :

Public school elementary teachers must possess a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. An elementary license allows a teacher to teach kindergarten through sixth grade in most states. A future teacher must also complete a supervised practicum or student teaching internship. Some states also require a teacher to earn a master’s degree within a specified time after beginning teaching.

Middle School Teacher :

A public middle school teacher must have a bachelor’s degree in childhood education and complete a student teaching internship. A middle school license usually allows the teacher to teach grades five through eight. Most middle school teachers must have a certain number of credit hours in the subject area they wish to teach.

Secondary Teacher :

A public high school teacher needs a bachelor’s degree in the subject they are going to teach, as well as having completed a program of study in secondary education. A secondary school teaching license qualifies
teachers to teach up through grade 12 but may include some middle school grades. Some high schools may look for
teachers with master’s degrees. High schools hire teachers in core academic areas and the fine and applied arts.

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