Technical Consultancy as a Profession

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Technical Consultancy as a Profession

The various areas of Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services Industry are diverse. Management consulting firms advise on every aspect of corporate operations, including mrketing, finance, corporate strategy and organization, manufacturing processes, information systems and data processing, e – commerce, and human resources.

The Scientific and Technical Consulting Firms provide technical advice relating to almost all non management organizational activities, including compliance with environmental and workplace safety and health regulations, the application of technology, and knowledge of physical & chemical sciences.

Larger consulting firms usually provide expertise in a variety of areas, whereas smaller consulting firms generally specialize in only one or two areas of consulting.

Types of consulting services the institute of management consultants USA, inc. and association of consulting management engineers, USA has identified different areas of consulting services. Some of these are :

  1. Human Resource Consulting Services : These focus on advising clients on effective personnel policies, employee salaries and benefits, employee recruitment and training and employee assessment. Executive search consulting firms are involved in locating the best candidates for top – level positions.
  2. Administrative & General Management Consulting Services : These offers advice on an organization’s day – to – day operations, such as budgeting, asset management, strategic and financial planning, records management, and tax strategy.
  3. Marketing Consulting Services : These offer assistance to firms in areas such as developing new products and pricing, forecasting sales, planning and implementing a marketing strategy, and improving customer service. Clients also might seek the help of a marketing consultant to set up business franchises or license their products.
  4. Process, Physical Distribution & Logistics Consulting Services : These offer assistance to specialized industries in the production and distribution of goods, delivery of finished goods to consumers, offering advice on improvements in the manufacturing process and productivity, product quality control, inventory management.
  5. Occupational Safety Consulting Services : In this type of consultancy, identification of workplace safety hazards, hazardous materials or systems which cause illness or injury, assess safety risks associated with machinery, investigate accidents, and assess the likelihood of lawsuits resulting from safety code violations.
  6. Environmental Consulting Services : These entities concentrate on identification and evaluation of environmental problems, such as inspecting sites for water contaminants, controlling the emissions of environmental pollutants, establishing a recycling program, and complying with government environmental laws and regulations.
  7. Security Consulting Services : This ensures safety and security of an organization’s physical and human assets; protect the building against theft and vandalism by installing security cameras, hiring security guards, and providing employee background checks.

Potential for Consultancy in Indian Industries :

Scientific and technical consulting firms also advise on a diverse range of issues relating to the physical and social sciences – issues rotating to agriculture, economics, energy, and physical and chemical sciences.

Agricultural consulting firms advise on different farming techniques or machinery that increases agricultural production. Economic consultants develop forecasting models affecting business decisions. Energy consultants might advise clients on how to reduce costs by implementing energy – saving machinery.

The rapid spread of computers and information technology has generated a need for highly trained computer specialists to design and develop new hardware and software systems and to incorporate new technologies.

Considering the low capital requirements, the management, scientific, and technical consulting services industry offers excellent opportunities for self – employment.

Highly experienced workers can start their own businesses fairly easily and cheaply. Technology – related consulting projects have forced traditional consulting firms to merge with or setting up joint ventures with technology companies so that each firm has access to the other’s resources in order to serve clients better.

The trend toward outsourcing and mergers has also created opportunities for consulting firms.

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