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Some time ago, family tours happened only annually mostly during summer vacations. People planned much in advance and booked their tickets to visit hill stations like Ooty or Darjeeling.

However, today people set to go on pleasure trips venturing into new locations whenever they feel like it and based on their own schedules. They have little time to run around and plan and book their pleasure trips. The first and best option that comes to one’s mind is the travel and tourism industry.

The travel and tourism industry is flourishing and expanding in all directions. With people looking for help in planning their travel up and down besides a cool and happy stay the demand for tour operators is increasing.

The domain of tour operations offers a highly potential and promising career in the travel and tourism industry. Tour operators design specific tours for the travellers based on their requirements.They plan and execute different tours for domestic and international travellers.

The plan includes to and fro journey, accommodation, food, arranging transport for sight – seeing among others. For international travellers, services encompass providing visa foreign exchange and medical insurance related services.

The tour planners sometimes face situations such as travellers canceling their tours due to some unexpected circumstances. On such instances, the alternative arrangements should be made accordingly.

People travel for several purposes. It could be for adventure, pilgrimage, pleasure or business. Whatever it is, they want their tour to be hassle – free, safe and fulfilling. It is therefore a challenging task for tour operators to provide customized service.

For successfully doing this, they need to maintain good relationship with the management of hotels, transport agencies, airlines, bus and train services and guides.

The job of tour operator’s job is not as simple as said. It is highly challenging. A lot of hard work goes into it. Tour operators should actually go to the tourism estinations, do research about the cultural and historical values of the places, stay in the hotels and experience the services themselves before recommending the same to their customers. At times, they need to accompany the travellers as guides.

Tourism and Travel Career Courses :

The educational qualifications to grab a lucrative job as tour operators or tour planners are basic. However, possessing a degree, diploma or certificate in the travel and tourism courses will certainly give you an edge over others.

The other option is to enrol in travel management courses. As required in any other service – oriented industry such as hospital or hotel industries, in the travel and tourism industry also the need for possessing excellent communication and inter-personal skills is stressed.

Exhibiting pleasing manners, outgoing personality and being warm and friendly with people are desired. Apart from these, the aspirants should be zealous, competent and possess good language skills with more emphasis on English.

Government tourism departments and other players in the travel and tour industry offer various lucrative positions such as travel consultants, reservation sales agents-coordinator, marketing manager, accounts manager among others.

Remuneration for Travel and Tourism :

The salaries range from ₹ 8000 – ₹ 15000 per month. The tour operators have an advantage of exploring different places and tour the world as a part of their job.

So, travel lovers get ready to step into the exciting world of tourism to etch out a rewarding career.

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