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Visual art means Visible, Art means mixture of new and traditional methods in the area of arts, meaning expressing one’s own emotions, sentiments, feelings in simple and attractive ways. There are various sectors of the art according to its own creativity.

  • Painting Art : Graphics ( Print Making ), Mural Art, Textile Art.
  • Applied Art : ( Behavioral Art or Commercial Art ), Illustration, Animation, Photography, Typography
  • Printing Art : ( Offset, Silk Screen, Digital, Solvent )
  • Plastic Art : ( Sculpture )s, Pottery,

History of Art and other subjects related to this subject are studied. Normally in all the institutions there is a four year course. In the first year all the subjects of Visual Arts or Fine Arts in the institution is taught and this is called as the Foundation Course. After the completion of the first year according to the credits obtained, the three years specialization course is done. This is called B.F.A.( Bachelor in Fine Arts ) or B.V.A.( Bachelor in Visual Arts ). After the completion of the B.F.A. or B.V.A. if the interest persists in the field or if one wants to study and do new experimentation in this field then one has to go for the two year Post Graduation course which is called as M.F.A. ( Master in Fine Arts ) or M.V.A.( Master in Visual Arts ).

Under this course one has to undergo training by registering under any Lecturer, Reader or Professor under the guide-system or system of the institution. After this, one can complete the Ph.D. ( Doctorate of Philosophy ) degree. After completing B.F.A. / B.V.A. from any private or government institution one can join in a school as an art teacher, as a photographer or as a an artist in government offices etc. After completing M.F.A. / M.V.A. or Ph.D. one can join in government or private colleges as Lecturers / Reader / Professors, but this is the common aspect. The main interest lies in independent or self employment.

Painting : Art or doing painting is common to all of us from our childhood and to some extent it is learnt in schooldays too. But the basic and the fine points are gained in the graduation or post graduation or in Ph.D. level while doing research in this field. With the help of these one can gain mastery in this field and also get a good livelihood that’s well presentable in the society. Normally during the graduation course tips are given to learn the new techniques along with it knowledge of drawing is also given. After doing the four year graduation course two year post graduation course is done. Within this two year course traditional and new medium like computer is used and brief study is done the topics like still and moving objects.

Graphics ( Print Making ) -This is one of the oldest method of printing and it has got its due respect over the time. We can show our creation with the help of zinc plate / limestone / wood / caste / linen and silk on various bases and then with the help of machine and ink print is given on paper. The present day artists have used new techniques in this subject and have given it its due respect and enhanced its import-ance among the public. To learn this art one has to have good knowledge of painting.

Mural Art : Mural art is commonly thought of painting on the walls. To learn this art one has to have good knowledge of drawing as well as good knowledge of colour mixing. Presently in our society Mural has got a new identity moving away from usual wall painting and therefore it has become multifaceted. Now a day’s permanent Mural is done on the tiles / terracotta / cement / glass / plastic / iron and steel even photography / digital techniques or with different lights temporary Mural is done. In foreign countries many people do Mural art on the outer walls of their house.

Textile Art : Textile art means art on the cloth material. It requires knowledge of drawing as well as knowledge of printing on the clothes like making primarily making drawing on the paper and then by using loom machines printing the drawing on the clothes / making clothes using the threads / coloring the clothes etc are taught. Example of this art is seen in the Rajasthani cloth material, in Banarasi silk sarees. Apart from being teacher one can get job in the garment manufacturing factories or textile mills, one can start own printing and screen printing works or small bussiness.

Applied Art : With the dawn of 19th century and with the new techniques being developed this art is known as art of the advertisement. In the present day it has undergone some remedies and is known as commercial art. This art got its birth since the time when the theory of selling and buying came into existence in this earth. Even this requires good knowledge of drawing and along with this we should have knowledge of graphics / composition / identity of alphabets / art of poster making / art of advertisement-in news paper / everyday advertisement in newspaper and news magazine / posters seen in the shops / Glow sign boards / danglers / packaging of products and presentation / everyday advertisement in television / graphic presentation in different channels of the television etc.

We should have good knowledge of the different procedures from the simplest to that of the highest level.There are many points to learn the applied arts. First is Visualization which means presentation is very important for campaigning in which mastery is gained over the time. After completing the course students have wide scope of opportunities in the field of applied art as in advertising institutes graphic designer / visualizer / art director, in printing institutes layout designer / visualizer / art director, in movies and television world art director / set director, animator, in own advertising agency etc. jobs are available.

Illustration Art ( Animation ) : Line drawing which is used in story, article to give life to it, this is the basic information of Illustration Art. After completing the course students move towards the most important interest of kids i.e. Animation along with it they can do work in children’s book , comics, weekly specials etc. Animation is a work of patience and time and can move towards animation movies to work in it and is produced as 3D animation from 2D animation.

In this apart from illustration animations available in computer also has to be kept on mind. Cartooning art also comes within this art only. These are seen in newspaper or magazines.

Photography Art : After completing the course students can start their own jobs like photography studio / newspaper, press photographer / still photographer in films fashion photographer, architectural photographer ,industrial photographer, or independent photographer and lead a good life by earning good livelihood.

Typography Art : Typography means the art of writing. In this we take notice of the alphabets their origin style etc. In this students can develop their new fonts. Calligraphy also comes within this only. With this brush and different ways and with stroke of pen and fountain pen, croakily nib own design of writing is used and thus enhances ones creativity.

Printing Art : In this various techniques about printing is given and also new changes are also told. Within this knowledge of letter press / offset printing / digital offset printing / igital printing / solvent printing flex / vinyl / one way design printing ) screen printing is given . With the help of this books / news paper / magazines / posters / advertisement and other printing works are taught.

Plastic Art ( Sculpture ) : We require good command over drawing, after this with the help of mud one has to give it shape after this with the help of stone / sand stone / red stone / marbles etc. we give it shape according to our feelings and after this with the help of wood of different type and other materials like plaster of pares, plastic, iron, aluminum, wax and other related material, we try to make the objective and take it towards own creation.

Presently it uses different techniques and remains very attractive. Even installation art came from this. It I getting international support too. Installation are means use of so many material & techniques and making new creations. And even film and music is involved in this. After this course one can go for exhibition, govt. & private sector projects, thus providing employment for both himself and the others.

Pottery : One thing which strikes our mind is the crockery of bone china. But it has got global importance and a wide market. Within this our household crockery are also involved along with official pots, decoration pieces at office, showrooms, house etc. this work ends with putting it in the fire to be stable. This is creative pottery and not usual crockery making. Usually ceramic is use in this but contemporary art world so many artist uses new materials & mix techniques and give high importance to this art.

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