Opportunities in Wildlife & Health Management Courses

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Opportunities in Wildlife & Health Management Courses

Commercial Fisheries employs fishery biologists for investigation in basic research in physiology, ecology, life history, and yields of commercially important stocks of marine fish, freshwater fish, mollusks, crustaceans, marine mammals and plants. Wildlife biologists are responsible for conservation, protection, and management of wild mammals. waterfowl, and upland game birds and game fish.

Self Employment

Several career options are open to graduates in veterinary science. Dairy and poultry farms require the services of a veterinarian. The veterinarian can also set-up private practice. The government also employs veterinarians as public health professionals whose services are employed in zoos, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. If interested, you can take up teaching as well. Postgraduates in the field of veterinary science can go in for research.

Eko Tracks

Eko Tracks offers a special interest course designed for students in veterinary science with wildlife veterinarians in the growing wildlife industry by participating in game capture operations, field and lab work of wild animals, breeding of rare species, wildlife rehabilitation, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation.

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Applicants with the background in Veterinary Medicine with an understanding of zoonotic aspects from animals to humans, and establishing linkages between human and animal disease surveillance systems. Wildlife Veterinary Pathology Courses have opening for a veterinarian with wildlife disease and pathology interests to pursue a M.Sc. or Ph.D degree.

The successful applicant will be expected to participate in the wildlife diagnostic service and will be expected to undertake research related to wildlife diseases. The student will have ample opportunity to obtain anatomic pathology training in domestic animals and training to prepare for certifying examination.

Opportunities abroad

Many opportunities exist in the foreign countries for the deserving candidates. The jobs abroad specialists from India are finding jobs abroad as wildlife consultant for esteemed organizations. The most important of these being the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Wildlife Conservation Society, and peoples for Ethical Treatment of Animals etc. Many organizations are hiring Indian personal for working in countries like USA, South Africa and many African countries.

There are teaching opportunities in African countries. The African countries (eg. Ethiopia) regularly sends their representative to India and conduct interviews for teaching positions for their universities. Anyone who is writing to go abroad for higher studies like Ph.D. and post doctorate fellowship can get attractive fellowship for this purpose.

The scientific management and conservation of wildlife is a joint effort Government, NGOs and mainly international organization are involved in conserving our wildlife. It can be archived by furnishing concern to its all the aspects like biology, ecology, health, forensics and eco-husbandry facets of wildlife management.

The wildlife veterinarian, biologist, ecologist, researchers, activists and wildlife lover from the India and abroad should come foreword to accomplish this mission. Work of reputed wild life workers are also recognized by the World Veterinary Association on World Veterinary Day-celebrated in the last week of April every year.


The remuneration of a veterinarian varies on the basis of his practice and the animals which are under his treatment. In government veterinary centers / hospitals fresh graduates are appointed on lucrative salary ( The author is Vice Chancellor, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur – 440006. )

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