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Zoologist Job Description

Zoologists are responsible for observing animals in their natural habitat and looking after them in a laboratory or zoo setting in order to gain as much information about animal life as possible. Zoologists usually specialize in a particular family or species of animal. They begin by studying an animal’s origins and develop an understanding of its evolution over time. Zoologists observe how animals interact with their environment and other animals. Zoologists also conduct research on how diseases develop and how traits are passed to each generation.

Zoology is the study of animals and animal life, including the study of the structure, physiology, development, and classification of animals. It is the branch of biology. They not only study about plant, a fungus, a virus or a bacterium, but also fishes, birds, mammals, insects, worms, rock lobsters, snails, starfish, sponges and jellyfish. The zoologist uses a variety of modern research equipment. Data gathered from research are analyzed with the help of a computer.

Zoologist Career Educational Requirements

Many zoologists are required to complete a doctoral degree in, and need to major in biology or zoology as an undergraduate. While earning a master’s degree, prospective zoologists will conduct research related to their chosen specialty. Some entry – level industry positions may only require a bachelor’s degree, but these types of positions are limited in their responsibilities, pay and advancement opportunities.

Personal Qualifications :

A zoologist must be a nature lover and have an interest in biology. An observant nature, patience and the ability to work accurately are necessary. Research is an important part of the zoologist’s work.

Zoologist Career Required Skills

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov., a zoologist must be able to work as part of a team and independently. Interpersonal skills are essential, and scientists must be able to communicate effectively. Zoologists must be able to maintain a strong sense of patience, because a research project can turn into a long and tedious process.

Zoologist Career Employment and Salary Outlook

Most zoologists can find work in the government and universities across the country. Many private sector research positions are available as well. While working for the government, zoologists will find job opportunities in conservation and in wildlife management. Zoologists that work in universities will perform research and educate students about animals. Many zoologists also work for private pharmaceutical or other research firms. Salary.com reports that the median annual income for zoologists in all specialties is around $62,990.

Job Prospects for Zoologist Career

Most zoologists are employed by colleges and universities where they teach and do research. Large numbers of zoologists work for government agencies in such areas as wildlife management, conservation, and agriculture. A few work for private companies, such as pharmaceutical companies or biological supply houses that sell animal specimens to laboratories.

Some zoologists are employed by museums and zoos Possible employers are various national research institutes, the Oceanographic Research Institute and the National Collection for Insects; the departments of Agriculture, Water Affairs and Environment Affairs; museums; zoos; the National Parks Board, provincial nature conservation departments and private organizations such as game farms, pharmaceutical firms and others.

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