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Career in Advertising : : Eligibility for Advertising Courses

A good advertisement inspires a person to buy a product or service. The ‘idea’ that culminates into a good advertisement comes from a creative mind. In fact, advertising is all about creativity and good combination of words, voices and pictures. So, if you have a knack of creative writing, you can become a copy writer. If you can visualise the dreams of other people, you can become a visualiser. If you can whisper the convincing words in ears of the probable consumers, you can become a dream merchant!

About Advertising

The word ‘advertising’ is derived from ‘advert’ meaning to attract. From this point of view, the functional meaning of advertisement is a public announcement aiming at motivating a specific target group towards specific goods / services for its consumption by providing appropriate information about it. Advertisements are said to be the ‘dream merchants’. Their main function is to motivate the consumers for the consumption of the goods or services by presenting their bright side. According to an independent study, the annual turn over of the Indian advertising industry has increased from ₹ 1000 Crores to ₹ 11,000 Crores -a whopping eleven times in the last decade. The hidden potential of the advertising sector can be assessed from this very fact.

The country is witnessing a wonderful growth of the advertising sector into a highly professional and high-tech industry. An independent study shows that the India is going to be a global hub for advertising outsourcing after BPO sector within a decade. The manifold expansion of the sector has posed difficulties both for the consumers and the marketers as the consumers have to choose the product from a plethora of similar products. This has also posed a challenge for marketers to lure the probable consumer in a cutthroat competition. The difficulty of the manufacturers and the marketers necessitates a different approach to win over the consumers. This ‘different’ has given birth to the genre of advertising and has enriched it too as one of the most glamorous professions of the present time.

Why Advertising?

Along with the expansion of the world of advertising, the demand for trained professionals has also increased in order to meet -the challenges and to raise the standards of the profession. These are the persons who, with the help of their imagination, can establish a different image of the brand in the crowd of similar products. The trend of professional courses of advertising had begun some years back in the major cities of the country but the present-day scenario of the demand and supply in the field of advertising is entirely different.  Earlier, advertising was taught as a subject in the courses of journalism and mass communication. But now, it has got a separate entity, a full-fledged discipline in itself. The IT revolution has further facilitated this change. Business of the sector is flourishing at the rate of 40-50% every year. With this potential the field offers a plethora of opportunities for the career aspirants.

Following opportunities can be explored in this industry as per one’s talent and inclination :

Copy Writer : Person with a blend of imagination and wonderful writing skills can become copy writers. Their main work is to write scripts, jingles, slogans, punch lines etc. for the advertisements. In a way, a copy writer is responsible for providing a platform to an idea.

Visualiser : A visualiser converts the words into scene. In other words, moulding the words of the copy writer on paper in the form of display is the responsibility of the visualiser. She / he prepares the lay-out or design of the advertisement. Persons gifted with fine arts ( drawing / sketching ) can opt for this field.

Creative Director : The person who coordinates the works of the copy writer and visualiser is known as a creative director. Usually she / he is a senior person responsible for this specialised work.

Producer : The advertisement is given an abstract shape by producer who usually belongs to the advertising agencies. The production unit of the advertising agency looks after the works like typography, photoengraving, printing etc.

Media Planner : Distributing the budget of the advertisement in the media, deciding broadcasting or publication / day / time / frequency of the advertisement is the job assigned to the media planning unit. She / He is also responsible for booking time and space in print / electronic media.

Researcher : Advertising agencies often employ persons for studying the market trends, people’s choice, strengths / weaknesses of the rival products etc. The data obtained along these parameters are used to prepare the advertisements of the concerned product / service or to modify it as per the market need. Persons having a background of Statistics / Research / Sociology or Psychology can join this field.

Model : Persons with good physical attributes and an inclination towards acting can become models in advertising.

Singer : You can join the field as a singer if you have a good voice and a background of music.

Voice Actor : Persons apt in the art of oration / mimicry can become the voice actor of the advertisement. These are also called vox designers.

Apart from these creative works, there are some other associated fields as well. These include Office Management, Financial Management, public relations wherein one can try out his / her hand.

Probable Employers :

Following employers can hire your services :

  • Advertising agencies.
  • Advertising units of TV channels / Radio channels / Magazines.
  • Subsidiary service agency ( providing models, voice actors help in media selection etc. )
  • Market Research agencies and companies.
  • Advertising departments in private and public sector companies.
  • Freelancing ( running own advertising agency ).

Apart from these options, one can also practice Freelancing as a Model, a Singer, a Jingle Writer or a Visualiser, etc.

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