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Cartoonists often specialize in a certain type of cartoon. Political cartoonists usually poke fun at people in public life and satirize current events, political issues, and pop culture. These cartoonists create caricatures, pictures that exaggerate or distort a person’s individual features. Comic strip cartoonists draw comics that utilize recurring characters and tell stories. They write out the plots, or story lines, for their strips before they do the drawings. These plots are usually planned out weeks in advance. Animators draw the moving cartoons that appear on television, in films, and in video games. Usually, one animator writes the story, creates the characters, and draws the important points in the story. Assistants who work under the close direction of the chief animator fill in the less important drawings. Animators must be able to put their drawings together with soundtracks, story lines, layouts, and special effects. Most animation for the television, motion picture, and video gaming industry is done with computers.

Some cartoonists work as freelance artists and sell their work piece by piece. They usually submit their work by mail or visit the offices of potential clients to show their portfolios. Others prefer to employ agents who will seek out the best markets for their work. Top cartoonists may work for syndicates that sell their work to magazines and newspapers all over the country. Cartoonists also work for advertising agencies, publishers of books and educational materials, greeting card companies, and the government. Animators generally do their work for television, motion pictures, and video games.

Education & Training Requirements

Cartoonists must have excellent drawing skills. They need to be aware of what is happening in the world, especially if they want to be political cartoonists. High school courses in art, history, political science, government, and literature are especially important. Students may attend art school or pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from a four-year college. Some political cartoonists get a bachelor’s degree in political science or journalism. Cartoonists may go to art school as well to study drawing, lettering, typography, and computer graphics. They learn to create a variety of cartoon types using different tools and media.

A few art schools offer a bachelor’s degree in cartooning. Correspondence schools also offer some cartooning courses. Individuals interested in animating television shows, motion pictures, or video games need to take courses in film, video, and animation. Since computers have become integral to the field, advanced skill in computer graphics is a must.

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