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Career as a Beautician : : Eligibility for Beautician Courses

Beauty Therapy Hair Styling, Make-up, Massage, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Electrolysis, Herbal Beautycare. Physical beauty is one of the most enduring mysteries that have cast a spell on mankind since time immemorial. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the fabled beauty of Egypt, used to bathe in milk spiked with rose petals, which lent a softer tone to her skin. However, for all its enticing qualities, beauty is transient. Unless tended with utmost care, bodily beauty is bound to wither away as time flies by.

Today, beautycare is a global multi-billion dollar industry thai employs millions of people from scientists and production engineers right up to your neighbourhood pedicurist and mehndiwalla. If you have an eye for beauty, enjoy interacting with people and delight in transforming a plain Jane into d stunner, beautycare is a field you could excel in. In India, the beauty industry is relatively new. But an increasing number of students are now choosing a career in beauty. Those years have gone when people had the perception that only unsuccessful students opted for a career in this industry. Although tastes and trends keep changing, the basic job of beautycare professionals remains the same : to help people look their best.

Moreover, if you are innovative and have mastered the art of presentation, you may end up with such celebrity status as enjoyed by the likes of Shahnaz Hussain, Vandana Luthra and a few others of the same ilk. It is always pleasing to the eyes to get a glimpse of a beautiful face. The job of a Beautician / Cosmetologist involves helping people to enhance their appearance, thereby giving them confidence to lead their lives with more vigour and vitality.

If, at the end of the day, you feel gratified at the sight of a face you have brightened, or a look you have accentuated, then this is the profession for you. Beauty Therapy or Cosmetology has emerged as a major occupational avenue with tremendous commercial potential as today, people are becoming more and more fitness freak and health and beauty conscious. This is all due to the progress in the fashion industry. Spurred by new scientific developments, techniques, products and media hype, the Indian beauty industry is gradually coming of age, generating mega revenues.


As a beautician, one has a whole range of specialisations to choose from : Beauty Therapy, Hair Styling, Make – up, Massage, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Electrolysis, Herbal Beautycare, etc. There are other closely related fields as well like those of a Beauty Lab Assistant, Health Club Instructor, Cosmetic Sales Person, Consultant, Yoga and Nature Cure Practitioner, etc. Apart from being trained to provide Manicures, Pedicures ( Care of Feet, Toes and Nails ) and Scalp and Facial Treatments, Cosmetologists even draw make-up and diet charts to suit individual requirements.

Hairstylists, besides trimming, colouring, setting and straightening hair, also educate their clients about the latest hair styles and hair treatment techniques. Further, one might also study reflexology ( the art of foot massage by providing impact on pressure points ), or work as an aesthetician whose work consists primarily of Body – Treatments, Extensive Massages, Facials, etc., to cleanse and beautify skin.

Another favourite option is to excel as a manicurist who treats and accentuates the health of nails, offer nail extensions and pedicures. Hairdressing includes hair cutting and styling as well as treatment for the hair and scalp. Hairdressers use various techniques to make hair look healthy and attractive, and are required to know about the care and application of various Hair Styling Gels, Hair – Colours, Hair – Pieces, Wigs and other hair accessories. They advise clients on suitable hair styles based on one’s personality and need, as well as care and maintenance of hair. The area that has gained importance with the growth of television industry is the expertise of make – up and hair – styling artistes for the film and television industry and in modelling and advertising. To succeed in this field, a beautician must essentially possess an aesthetic approach. He / She should have an eye for detail and a high degree of creativity and innovation.

Moreover, a prospective student must have a keen consciousness and thorough understanding of current trends in fashion, art and technical design. One must also have the ability to easily relate to clients and understand their interests and demands. In fact, many beauty schools have incorporated communication, sales and work practices in their syllabi.  The job requires you to be on your feet all the day. Therefore, a beautician requires to maintain a fair degree of physical fitness. The beauty parlours operate most extensively during the weekends. Besides, festivals and marriage seasons call for long hours of concentrated effort. The job also involves prolonged exposure to particularly strong chemicals in a beauty clinic which may prove hazardous to health. People with sensitive skin or breathing complications would do well to keep away from the toxic chemicals.

Recent trends in the beauty business show increased numbers of specialisations in bridal make-up and the art of mehndi ( picking up really fast abroad, especially the US ). Various cosmetic companies like Amway, Aviance, Avon, Oriflame, etc., conduct short orientation courses to familiarise women with their product line and sales techniques. Attractive commission on sales can fetch you a healthy extra income without tying you down to a nine – to – five office routine.


Most cosmetologists seek employment in Beauty Salons or Parlours in Hotels or Resorts, Entertainment Industry ( Ttelevision and Films ) and expanding network of studios and modelling agencies. Many start their own beauty clinics after gathering a few years of experience. One may opt for skin care consultancy or work as a sales consultant in a cosmetic firm. Other work options include the job of a fashion consultant or columnist in various newspapers and magazines. Fitness is an upcoming area of work, which covers everything from Health Clubs, Gyms, Yoga and Aerobics. People with expertise and required qualifications can start their own entrepreneurial ventures. They can open their own beauty parlours or salons or even fitness centres.

To be in the beauty business, one should have a good sense of aesthetics and creativity, and a liking for people of all ages. Simply speaking, you must have a friendly manner, an attractive Well – Groomed Appearance, Cool Dry Hands, Good Health, the ability to stay on your feet for long periods and a sense of hygiene and cleanliness. Growing interest in staying fit and looking good has created more opportunities for aestheticians. Since the majority of qualified therapists are women, there is a rapid increase in job opportunities, and it is possible to reach supervisory or management level within two or three years of qualifying. Mobility is an important factor in obtaining employment, largely because the geographical location of salons or health resorts is often crucial to their success.

In these times of constantly changing style and fashion, more and more people are resorting to discover the style most suited to their personality and physical characteristics. With work environment getting increasingly competitive and professional, the need to appear well-groomed and attractive has assumed greater importance, not just for women but for men as well. Besides, the complexities of modern living leave little time for personal grooming causing more people to turn to professionals for treatments that enhance and maintain their looks. This has resulted in a burgeoning market for beauty products and beauty treatments turning beauty care or cosmetology into a hugely profitable industry. Market reports put the beauty industry’s annual revenue ( excluding colour cosmetics ) at around 6,000 crore.

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