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Career in Accountancy : 

Accountancy is one of the more secure career choices available. Virtually every person needs an accountant at some stage. It differs from other professions in that there are several options open to someone with an accountancy qualification. With an accountancy qualification one does not actually have to practice as an accountant, one can do other things, for example, in the whole financial services business – in banking, pensions, and management – the skills of an accountant can be very useful.

Job Opportunities in Earnings : In accountancy the jobs situation is heavily tied to the economy. This week three of the major accountancy recruitment agencies revealed that they are experiencing an unprecedented demand for accountants.

Paul McArdle, Director of Accountants’ Panel, finds the demand for accountants extremely brisk. “The market in general is very good for accountants at all levels but particularly for part qualified accountants,” he said. “There is a huge demand both from industry, practice and the financial services. The International Financial Services Centre ( IFSC ) has been a blessing for accountants, and at present, in the UK and Australia there is also a great demand for accountants.”

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