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Career Opportunities in Culinary Arts Courses

Culinary Art is the art of preparing and Cooking Foods. The word “Culinary” is defined as something related to, or connected with, Cooking. A Culinarion is a person working in the culinary arts. A Culinarian working in restaurants is commonly known as a cook or a chef. Culinary artists are responsible for skilfully preparing meals that are as pleasing to the palate as to the eye. Increasingly they are required to have a knowledge of the science of food and an understanding of diet and nutrition. They work primarily in Restaurants, Delicatessens, Hospitals and other institutions. Kitchen conditions vary depending on the type of Business, Restaurant, Nursing Home, etc.

Culinary Arts Career Courses :

  1. Career in Culinary Arts
  2. Bachelor of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts ( BCT & CA )
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts
  4. Certificate Course in Food Production and Patisserie
  5. Diploma in Cruise Galley Operations
  6. Galley Assistant Familiarization Program
  7. Ready for Excellence Program

Culinary Arts Occupations :

  1. Consulting and Design Specialists – Work with restaurant owners in developing menus, the layout and design of dining rooms, and service protocols.
  2. Dining Room Service – Manage a Restaurant, Cafeterias, Clubs, etc. Diplomas and degree programs are offered in restaurant management by colleges around the world.
  3. Food and Beverage Controller – Purchase and Source ingredients in large Hotels as well as manage the stores and stock control.
  4. Entrepreneurship – Deepen and invest in businesses, such as Bakeries, Restaurants, or specialty foods ( such as ( Chocolates, Cheese, etc. ).
  5. Food and Beverage Managers – Manage all food and beverage outlets in Hotels and other large establishments.
  6. Food Stylists and Photographers – Work with magazines, books, catalogs and other media to make food visually appealing.
  7. Food Writers and Food Critics – Communicate with the public on Food Trends, Chefs and Restaurants though Newspapers, Magazines, blogs, and books. Notables in this field include Julia Child, Craig Claiborne and James Beard.
  8. Research and Development Kitchens – Develop new products for commercial Manufacturers and may also work in test kitchens for publications, restaurant chains, Grocery chains, or others.
  9. Sales – Introduce chefs and business owners to new products and equipment relevant to food production and service.
  10. Instructors – Teach aspects of culinary arts in high school, vocational schools, colleges, recreational programs, and for specialty businesses ( for example, the professional and recreational courses in baking at King Arthur Flour ).

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