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Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition to promote health. A relatively new profession, this field has gained importance with the realisation that inappropriate eating habits can lead to many major diseases and that quality of life depends on the quality of food we eat. Dieticians or nutritionists help to promote good health through corrective eating habits, thus improving the quality of life. They assist people in planning meals depending upon their age, sickness or work routine, counsel and educate them about healthy eating- selection and preparation of food items according to the principles of nutrition and evaluate and make changes in their clients diet periodically.

Dietitians promote nutritious eating habits through education and research, as well as through overseeing the selection and preparation of food services for many different institutions and groups. They fix nutritional regimens for patients in a hospital, athletes in physical training camps, mountaineers on an expedition and so on. They do research on nutritive value of food which help to understand the various components of food we eat and the right type of food which provides a balanced mix of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc needed for the human body. They study the digestive process, the various reactions of food stuffs in the body and find out what is harmful and thus help to prevent diseases through a proper diet program. Some of them specialize in areas such as obesity, pediatrics or diabetes. They form a vital part of the health team.

In Health Care field,people suffering from certain diseases such as diabetics, heart diseases, obesity etc, need to take extra care of their eating habits and the kind of food they eat. Depending on the nutrition needs of the patients, dieticians prepare their diet charts and monitor the results of dietary therapy and maintain records. Professionals working in this field are called Clinical / Therapeutic dietitian or Nutritionists. Nutrition and dietetics professionals also work for Social Welfare,they work in organizations mainly public health departments run by government, which helps in improving the eating habits and consequently, the health of the public. Public Health / Community dietitian.

Remuneration for Nutrition & Dietetics professionals is depended on the job and the area of work. In private hospitals, trainees may get starting salary of ₹ 2500 per month and after they gain more experience their salary may range between ₹ 4500 – 5000 with benefits. Research work, teaching, catering jobs etc. has good payment as also Food Technologists working in a food services department or industry etc. Consultant dieticians in private practice can earn more depending on their practice.

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