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Floriculture is growing plants for its beautiful flowers. Demand of flowers is increasing day – by – day because change in human attitude towards social and religious values. Flowers are now used in almost all the functions in India due to which its domestic demand is rapidly increasing. International demand of cut – flowers soars up specially during X-mas and Valentine day. Flowers like Roses, Gerbera, Carnation, Gladiolus, Chrysanthemum, Orchids and Lilies are in great demand. Annual growth potential of floriculture industry is about 25-30%. This rapid rate is based on its export potential. The market is vast and sky is the limit for export of Indian cut flowers. India being a tropical moderate country, is a treasure house of ornamental plants. The inter-national floriculture market trade is estimated to be ₹ 125,000 crores of which cut flowers accounts for about ₹ 80,000 crores. Out of this, India is having only 300 crore business. Hence, there is a good scope to increase its share in the international business.

Floriculture can be done in open fields or in polyhouses. However, culture in polyhouses is preferable as it provide artificially controlled environment in which threat from diseases, insects, high temperature, intense light, heavy rains, etc. are minimized. Hence, flowers are produced round the year without any seasonal constraint. Floricultures in polyhouses are of two types :

A – Soil Culture : Plants are grown in soil.

B – Soilless / hydroponic Culture : Plants are grown in pots without soil. Coco – pit / saw dust / sand is used in pots in place of soil. Nutrients and water are supplied through pipe or drip from outside. Hydroponically produced flowers are good in quality and fetch maximum price in the market.

Floriculture industry require persons of followings categories :-

  • Skilled workers : Persons trained in manual work like cutting/harvesting of flowers, packaging, transport and storage in cold chambers.
  • Junior Technicians : Class X pass with 6 months to one year training in techniques of floriculture, hydroponic/soil culture, packaging & storage, construction & maintenance of pipe line, sprinkler, drip, cold storage, etc.
  • Senior Technicians / Floricul – turists : Essential qualification for the post is B.Sc. in Agriculture / Floriculture / Botany with specialization in polyhouse / greenhouse, drip irrigation and fertigation, hydroponic culture, transportation, sales, marketing and exports. Knowledge of computer is desirable.
  • Scientist / Scientific Officer / Manager : Persons having M.Sc. / Ph.D. in the field of Agriculture / Floriculture / Micro – biology / Virology with specialization in Polyhouse / Green house, Modern Techniques of irrigation and Fertigation, Hydroponic Culture, Sales, Marketing and exports.

Self – employment opportunity : There is a good self – employment opportunity in this field. Small scale floriculture industry can be established with limited resources through which one can be gainfully employed. This industry has very high employment generation and foreign exchange earning potential.

List of some Floriculture Industries of India

  • Pudumjee Plant Laboratories Ltd., Pune.
  • Sharda Farms, Nasik.
  • Sahil Agro and Farm Products, 24-Kapashera, Delhi.
  • Al-Falah Blossoms Limited, A-22, Green Park, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.
  • Shreyash Blooms, Raghu Ganj, Chawri Bazar, Delhi.
  • Indus Floritech Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • Jagdambi Agri Genetics Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • Neha International Ltd., Pune.
  • Praz Agro-Vision Ltd., Pune.
  • Eden Park Agro Products (P) Ltd., Pune.
  • Agri-expo Biotech (I) Ltd., Bombay.
  • Nagarjuna Agritech Ltd., Bangalore.
  • zlobal Industries Ltd. Delhi.
  • Sri Vasavi Florex Ltd., Bangalore.
  • Nath Biotech Ltd., Aurangabad.
  • Varlak Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
  • Eden Agro Flora (Aop), Bangalore.
  • Turbo Industries Ltd., Punjab.
  • Florence Flora, Krishna Apart, Basappa Road, Bangalore.
  • Horizon Flora (I) Ltd., Induri, Pune.
  • Century Flowers, Pune.
  • Birla Floriculture, Shirgaon, Pune.
  • Cooper Agro Products (P) Ltd. Sahney Sujan Park, Pune.
  • Kumar Biotech, Pune.
  • Samarth Greentech, Bhawani Peth, Pune.
  • Deccan Flora base, Pune.

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