Career Planning in Job Market – Present Trends in Job Market

Career Planning in Job Market

Present Trends in Job Market : Two Types of Employees :

The present trends in Job Market continue to be what they were in the later part of the 20th Century. ‘Fewer jobs and innumerable aspirants’ is the order of the day now and no wonder, employers and recruiters have a wide range of scope in the choice of their manpower and they also have the final word in negotiating the compensation of employees.

The employees who secure a foothold in organizations with Herculean efforts coolly accept without a murmur whatever salary is offered to them. This, however, is only one side of the coin, as the situation is applicable mostly to the lower and middle level jobs. A modern potential employer knows that an organization can be mechanically run by these employees but the real growth development of it depends on the genuinely talented persons who even assert and accept assignments only their own terms and conditions.

Present Trends in Job Market – Priorities : Productivity and Performance :

In the present scenario, there has been a significant change in the functioning of organizations, Tremendous technical development, democratization of higher education, rapid global communication and changes in consumer values have brought about a new concept of work, resulting in a new way of working and creation of resilient work force with priorities of the organization being productivity and performance.

Present Trends in Job Market – New Concept of Loyalty :

The organization requires a set of new employees who are willing to submit themselves to the new pattern of working. They have a abandon their old thoughts and attitudes and adopt new perception and develop positive attitude and thus move forward with the management in their onward march towards the global market. In the old concept, employees are assured of their job till retirement.

They enjoy all privileges and rights and make use of all the leave and encashment facilities without much concern for the functioning of the organization and on their part; they provide the evidence of their loyalty during the tenure of their service. In the new set up, loyalty is not an absolute factor either for an employer or a talented employee. What is the use of loyalty when the employee is not a potential performer?

The slogan ‘security for loyalty’ is now replaced by ’employability in exchange for productivity’. For key positions, officials are ‘offered project oriented contract’. The contract is renewed on the basis of performance in the completed project. The employees are at liberty either to accept or seek better, more remunerative and challenging contracts.

Present Trends in Job Market – Compensation for Performance :

The compensation for an assignment is generally based on cadre and tenure of service. But, of late a modern employer follows the principle of ‘compensation for performance’. In many of the MNCs, Salary is guarded secret. A recently recruited person may be drawing a little more salary is a guarded secret.

A recently recruited person may be drawing a little more salary than a senior official and they may not know the salary of each other unless they exchange notes on it. The better salary is based on the person’s managerial trait and technical expertise.

Present Trends in Job Market – A Place for Leaders :

The employees are made to feel that they are part of the management and fully responsible for sustaining the image and vision of the institution. In today’s organization, managers are actively involved in the working process. They are not expected to merely manage, supervise or control the staff under them but to lead them.

In other words, they are leaders rather than supervisors, or controllers. They should also change their attitudes and cultivate and develop new skills to meet the emerging needs of the institutions, as they are also involved in the changing policy matters, and planning and networking process.

Present Trends in Job Market – Strategy of present day Graduates and Post Graduates :

Now in the present circumstances, what should be the strategy of a graduate or postgraduate seeking a suitable appointment? High academic qualifications do not guarantee a good job. It is also not enough you confine your study to textbooks and the syllabus whatever be your subject of specialization, you should reach the point of excellence and keep abreast of the latest development in it.

Besides, you should also be familiar with the present day needs and requirements of the job market. It a gold medalist in M.A. History feels enviable of his academic records and thinks that he has nothing to do with computer, his services may not be required in many of the institutions where the knowledge of computer is considered indispensable and consequently less qualified person with computer knowledge may be preferred to him. As a rule, the modern employer is not so much fascinated by the university scores.

In the present day job market, besides university degrees, communication skills assertive personality, positive thinking and leadership qualities are given due weighting. It is not enough, if you possess these traits. They should be properly exhibited and demonstrated in your resume and at the time of interview and group discussion, which form the screening test for getting suitable jobs.

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