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We live in the global village in which job seekers are ready to take up decent jobs anywhere in the world. There was a time when only men earned and women were mostly home makers. Now women have no obsession to vie with men for any type of job under the sky.

In the past, a career in film was a taboo for persons from decent families and a film star was mostly ostracized from the society: Now men and women are allowed to earn a living on equal terms in certain are areas like fashion design, film, modeling etc which were completely unheard of earlier.

The world is open for people of different tastes to choose the career of their choice. It is no longer necessary for a person to be a doctor or an engineer or an IAS officer to earn a sizable salary.

The doors are open with plenty of career options like fashion design, graphic design, public relations, management, etc with high growth potentialities offering very good compensation.

What really matter now is the judicious career choice of aspirants and their relevant qualifications, strength, talent and hard work. The traditional popular zones of job opportunities have now reached the point of satiety with a yawning gap between the job aspirants and job availabilities.

The younger generation on job hunt should study the contemporary job market trends and take up certain courses, which offer specialized knowledge and skills that are required for the new emerging career options.

Many colleges have understood the new career prospects and have introduced new courses with focus on practical experience.

Some of the colleges have added a new dimension to these courses by tying up with foreign universities; industries and factories for exchange of academic information to attract move students.

A Short description of the new career opportunities are given below. The descriptions and careers discussed are not exhaustive.

Career in Journalism :

Journalism in the past was exclusively concerned with print media but now it covers electronic media as well. The added jurisdiction to journalism proves a wide range of job opportunities.

There was a time when journalists were not adequately paid. Now they claim good compensation for gathering information and communicating it to the public through newspapers, magazines, journals, T.V. and Internet. Besides, this profession gives prestige and glamour to practitioners.

Journalism should have constant touch with men and matters and they should have confidence and patience to face awkward situations. The popularity of a newspaper mainly depends on editors, journalists and news reporters.

The chief editor in the print media is the captain of the ship and he is the person who takes important decision. Under him, a few sub editors look after different subjects like sports, finance, advertisements, etc.

Career Options : Editors (Sub, news, executive, etc) reporters, correspondents, photographers, cartoonists.
Educational requirements: A degree (graduate or post graduate in communication, mass communication, journalism or media study.

Skills and Talents : Good command over English and regional language, writing, skills -creative and critical, unbiased attitude open mindedness, interpersonal skills

Career in Fashion :

Fashion has become the passion of the younger generation. It is a comparatively new field and has recently assumed a potential source of job opportunities. Even countries with a proven record of adherence to traditional culture have shown a significant change in the life style of the people.

In the world of fashion, designers get predominant attention. They are said to be the trend-setters for many of the products. In the name of fashion, a T-shirt worth about Rs.60 is sold for Rs.600.

Fashion shows are organized everywhere to boost the sales of fashion products. Fashion magazines are in great demand. Fashion consultants provide information about the latest market trends. No wonder, the career prospects in the fashion world are bright.

Modelling is another field crowded with young men and women aspiring to appear on the silver screen. Even as models, they lead an exciting and luxurious life. The models are required to have histrionic talents, besides being good dancers.

Career options : Modelling, fashion designers, fashion stylists, fashion photographers, furniture designers, ceramic designers, apparel and accessory designers, garment designers, textile designers, animation.

Educational requirements : A degree or diploma in fashion technology, dress designing, textile designing, etc.

Talents, Skills and personality: Aspirants for modeling should have an excellent personality with attractive features, majestic height – for women a minimum height 5’7″ and men 6 ‘ – poise, robust health and confidence.

Career in Media :

The media is a huge industry with potential for rapid expansion. It includes films, videos, broadcast media, publishing industries, radios, television and Internet. Multimedia is an offshoot of this field.

It is a relatively new area dominated mostly by young people and has become fiercely competitive. Experience and talent are given more recognition and rewards than academic qualifications. The three prominent areas of multimedia are graphics, animation and audio video.

Career option : Director. Producer, cinematographer, set designer, costume designer, photographer, animation, script writer, announcer, newscaster, soundman, anchor person, editor, cameraman.

Educational Requirements :

  • A degree / diploma in film technology, TV, mass communication, fine arts or in any relevant field.
  • A degree or diploma in acting
  • A short-term course in voice modulation.

Skills and talents : Love of music, good voice, acting ability, confidence, sense of humour, camera facing skills, willingness to work round the clock and style.

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