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Careers in Information Technology :

IT has opened up the flood gates of career opportunities to young graduates of computer science and IT. IT professionals are in great demand in the present day global market. Plenty of professionals are employed in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia. The prospects of a career in IT are very bright.

But, it is a fast developing and expanding field and computer and IT professionals cannot afford to sit on their laurels. They have to keep themselves abreast of the latest development in their relevant field of specialization. IT related jobs will be in great demand all over the world in year to come.

Job opportunities, qualifications and skills :

Sr. No.
Particulars Batch I
1 Submission of CCGRT ICSI Online Application Form from 10th April, 2014
2 Closing Date for Submission of CCGRT ICSI Online Application Form 20th May, 2014
3 ICSI CCGRT Online Entrance Test 25th May, 2014
Declaration of CCGRT ICSI Result 31st May, 2014
5 Group Discussion and Interview
07th 10th June, 2014
6 Offer for ICSI CCGRT Admission 11th 12th June, 2014
Last date of CCGRT ICSI Admission by payment of Fees 17th June, 2014
8 Offer for Waitlisted Candidates, if any 21st June, 2014
Last date of Admission ( For Waitlisted Candidates ) 26th June, 2014
10 Commencement of the Program01st July, 2014

Operation : Data EntryOperator Higher Secondary course Typing skills, Knowledge of various Software packages Good at English and Regional languages

Other Job options : Online editors, web designing, network expert, e-commerce, animation and graphic designing.

General skills and talents : Problem solving ability, flexibility and ability to learn, attachment with computer, sustained work to meet deadlines.

Careers in Engineering and Technology :

A career in engineering and the technology continues to attract thousands of young people. The past two decades have witnessed the mushrooming of engineering colleges all over India. The engineering field is so vast that new horizons of specialization are opening up and there is an ever increasing demand for engineers in public in public and private enterprises. Over and above the national demand, there are also plenty of scopes for appointment in India engineers in foreign countries.

Career options : Engineers and required in the cultural, state and private sectors.

Educational qualification : B.E. / B. Tech. / M.E. / M.Tech. degree or diploma in the relevant subject.

Skills and talents : aptitude for engineering and technology inquisitive nature, creative and innovative mind, sustained work to meet deadlines.

Careers in Medicine :

The career of medicine aims at mitigating the pains and sufferings of people. There is a thrill attached to it, as every disease, minor or major, poses a challenge to the doctor and he or she has to face it with a smiling face.

Medicine is perhaps the most sought after course, as it carries honour, prestige and financial gains but getting admission to medical colleges is by no means an easy task. Admission is restricted to extremely limited number of students who form a breed apart in respect of intelligence, aptitude and hard work. The profession also requires missionary zeal and spirit of service to humanity.

atients to visit doctors even at odd hours and doctors should be prepared to receive and treat them without any shrinkage on their faces. In other words, the doctors should be able to serve patients round the clock. The career of medicine has a wide range of employment opportunities, which attract young people, and there is no wonder that for each type of job, aspirants are many and vacancy few. Medication itself has five main branches -allopathy practiced by MBBS degree holders, Ayurvedic practiced by BAMS, Homeopathy by BMMS, Siddha by BSMS, Siddha by BSMS and Urani by BUMS.

Doctor and nurses from an inseparable group. Doctors diagnose the illness and prescribe the treatment but it is the nurses who execute the commands of the doctors in nursing homes. Nursing is a noble profession, as it is concerned with servicing the sick. There is a greater need and scope for the employment of nurses in India and in foreign countries. A well-trained and qualified nurse can easily clear six figure salary in many foreign countries.

There is a fast development and expansion of health care sector and the employment prospects of doctors and nurses are abundant. The hospital requires a number of specialists to assist and support doctors. Some of them are follows :

Career options : Physiotherapist, lab technician, X ray, ECG technician, dietician, radiotherapist, occupational therapist, Pharmacist, medical records dept., house keeping, sterilization dept. For each of them, separate course are conducted in medical colleges, separate institutions and hospitals and are affiliated to universities.

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