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Career in Management / Business Administration :

Management has now emerged as an academic discipline. If the word is split into three parts are – manage + men + t, it implies that management is the art of managing men (also women) tactfully.

Here the term ‘tactfully’ has greater significance. Through it stands for wielding power, it implies strength and cooperation for force, responsibility for obedience to rank and dynamic guidance for authority. It also means creative leadership directed towards result orientation.

A manager or lead person (modern term) is required to make people more effective by making use of the intellectual tool of planning organizing, motivating and monitoring persons in the office.

Considering the strategic importance of the position, a personnel manager or any manager of the same cadre wields immense power and is actively involved in decision-making process.

India has more than four million executives in managerial positions with or without formal education. This indicates the huge demand for management graduates and post graduates.

The higher degrees in management are MBA (Master of Business Administration), MMS (Master of Management Service) and MPM (Master of Personnel Management) offered by most of the universities.

The employment opportunities for special management with a post graduate degree in management are immense.

Career options : Personnel managers, production management, financial management, material management, crisis management, banking, information system management.

Talents and skills : Leadership qualities, rational and cool approach, decision-making, excellence in communication skills (oral & written), interpersonal skills, strong analytical ability result orientation/

Career in Public Relations :

A public relations officer is essentially concerned with projecting the image of an institution or a dignitary and in simple words he / she practically works towards making the person or institution get noticed.

He also creates a link between high profile officials or leaders with the public and thus boosts their image. Such persons should have the gift of the gap and the ability to get along with people. Besides, they should trouble shooters, as well.

The department of public relations is at work in almost all spheres of activities – private or public. The Prime Minister’s plain speaking with the opposition leader, the minister’s gesture of help to a pavement dweller, the hand shake of an actress with her fans may form a strategic move of PR official.

Similarly, if there is a set back in the reputation of a prominent minister, it may be either due to the PRO letting down the minister or the minister getting rid of his PRO.

In all matters, it is the image that counts. In the grant of loans, the govt’s clearance of a project, the sanction of tender, the preferential treatments are partly based on the image of the person concerned or the business organization.

No wonder every one in the world right from the persons at the highest level to those climbing the ladder of reputation hire a PR firm.

Career options : PROs are required in corporate sectors, marketing wings, investment department, state and govt. offices and universities, deemed universities, professional, arts and science colleges.

The job of a PRO includes liaison, media and press relations, communication – internal and external crisis management and event management.

Educational requirement :

  • A degree (graduate or postal graduate) with specialization in sociology, psychology, economic, marketing, business management. These subjects may even form part of the course content of any of any degree.
  • MBA or post graduate degree in mass communication.

Skills and talents : Gift of the gab, excellent interpersonal skills, good command over English and regional language, ability to develop sustained and lasting relations with all kinds of people presence of mind, excellent organizing ability, capacity to work under heavy pressure, ability to work for long and stressful hours.

Career in Advertisement :

Advertisement is a specialized art, which requires imagination presentation of ideas, visual appeal and choice of fascinating words. The advertisement is done on the cardinal principle of AIDA, an acronym in which ‘A’ stands for attention, ‘I’ for interest, ‘D’ for desire and ‘A’ for achievement. The primary purpose of an advertisement is to attract the attention of readers or viewers.

Advertising field is demanding and requires a strong marketing sense and creative mind on the part of its practitioners. One has to spend long hours in designing catchy advertisements to the satisfaction of clients.

The compensation depends on only experience and success. There is always a demand for skilled person even if they are not highly qualified.

Career options : The field of advertisement takes in to its fold a number of related areas like photography, film production, marketing, public relation, magazine, journals, newspaper, TV and radio.

Careers in Educational requirements : Earlier no specific requirement except experience, but now most of the advertising agencies require a graduate or post graduate degree in marketing and mass communication.

Skills and talents : Ability to persuade and motivate others, adaptability, ability to face problems and work under pressure, creative mind and innovative thoughts.

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