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Group Discussion Leadership qualities :

The evaluators would like find whether you are capable of raising your performance to a higher standard, initiate the discussion, influence and motivate the other members to reach a consensus and take them with you. It also includes your willingness to accommodate others’ views.

Group Discussion Persuasive skill :

It means the ability to analyse a point of view and make others look at it through different perspectives without hurting their feelings. This requires the use of certain choice expressions and friendly and persuasive tone. It also involves appreciating the other person’s point of view.

Group Discussion – Communication skill :

It signifies clarity of thought and expression and projecting your views with utmost ease and facility and also resorting to nonverbal means to strengthen your point of view.

Group Discussions – Interpersonal skill :

It enables you to interaction; you should have emotional maturity and remain cool and collected even when you are provoked with personal comments. You should also be a team player first rather than a self-centered person dominating the proceeding.

Group Discussions – Problem solving :

It is the ability to provide some solution to a problem that bedevils a situation inviting conflicting views. You should be capable of providing a break-through and bring the drift of the discussion back to its smooth flow.

Group Discussions – Conceptualising skill :

It is the ability to grasp a situation and react to the views of others with convincing ideas and thus clinch the issue in your favour. This is possible when your knowledge of the topic of discussion is sound.

Some suggestions for the success of a group discussions :

  • Be a good listener. This will help you react to the views of others positively
  • Don’t be emotional and angry. This will cloud your line of thinking and you are likely to go off the track
  • Appreciate the views of others even if they demolish your point of view
  • Don’t intervene unnecessarily when others speak
  • Don’t hesitate to own your mistakes
  • Accept you defeat sportingly. Be graceful and actually thank others for helping you clarify your view
  • Make your comments short and crisp. A prolonged talk and repetition of ideas always go against you
  • Be always courteous
  • When someone appreciates your point of view, respond positively and say ‘Thank you for your compliments’

Some Patterns of starting a Discussion :

  • Shall we make a start?
  • We have all assembled here to discuss …….
  • Shall we set a ball rolling?
  • Let us make a start

Some patterns of interrupting a Group Discussions :

  • Excuse me, I have an observation to make
  • If you don’t mind, could I make a suggestion?
  • Sorry to interrupt you
  • Could I speak for a moment

Some patterns of concluding a Group Discussion :

  • Its time for us to wind up
  • I think that covers everything
  • Better, we stop here
  • Shall we close the discussion, now

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