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Preliminary Steps :

Before you start searching for a job, you should have a clear and realistic career objective. What are your career interests? What type of job would do you like to have? Do you have required qualifications and experience for it? What compensation do you expect initially? These are certain matters on which you should take important decisions.

Your professional objective should be a short term as well as long-term targets. As a first step, you should register your name in the employment exchange either in your district or city.

You should also prepare a list of at least 50 organizations of repute where your services would be required.

On-line job search :

Your next strategy is how best you could market yourself to the employers. You have to communicate your values, talents and qualifications to the target market.

This is done crafting a resume reflecting your credentials in respect your education, experience, skills, achievements etc. Now the major organizations resort to on-line job advertisements for recruitment to key positions.

They want things to be done quickly, as postal service is tardy and snail-paced.

There are a number of job sites on the Internet today like,, financial express etc. Job seekers can enter their resumes on the web site.

Similarly, employers post their job requirements on the web site. Resumes and jobs can be matched using certain basis certain basic criteria like qualifications, experience, skills, job locations etc.

The candidates themselves can run a search and go through the jobs that match their profile.

Employers can also search for candidates on the web site. They can easily inform a job seekers in their interest in his / her resume through e-mail. The job seekers on their part can independently contact the employer and inform him about their willingness to offer their services to the firm.

There are certain sites which have the added facility of an e-mail notification service to keep employers and jobseekers updated about their positions.

You can make the fully use of web-enabled recruitment facilities available on the internet by posting your resume on it.

You can keep in touch with the already listed organizations and find out their requirements and also meet a few hiring agents.

Job Search – A Frustrating Experience :

A job search is by no means an enjoyable task. You can find a job but what matters is finding a right job. It may be a prolonged endeavour. In a country like ours, there are always constant rejections, which will be very frustrating and highly irritating as well.

More often you find that with all your better qualifications and superior skills, you are ignored in preference to less qualified persons. This may produce quite a lot of heart burning, stress and anxiety.

You should not think that all hope is lost and all doors are closed on you. Disappointment and fear are great obstacles to progress.

You should have a strong conviction that you will certainly find a right opening and be gainfully employed and it is only a matter of time for you succeed in your job search.

Profitable use of the period of unemployment :

The period of unemployment should not be spent in brooding over your in-activity. On the other hand, you should maintain a high level of activity and keep yourself profitably engaged.

It is a period in which you can also develop yourself personally and professionally.

For example, if you have intentions of going abroad, you can prepare and appear for TOEFL, GRE and IELTS.

A good score on one of these examinations will widen your scope for working in foreign countries.

There are courses on communication skills, personality development, advanced computer study and other post graduate diploma courses, which can help you further your chances of getting appointment.

Seeking Temporary Jobs :

India is a country with plenty of scope for self-employment. If you are not able to get a job within a reasonable period, you can plan to take up simple self-employment as a temporary measure like offering tuition to students.

I found in one of my publisher’s offices three full-fledged engineers fro reputed colleges typing my manuscript pm the computer.

They work from 8.00 am. to 2.00 p.m. drawing a salary of Rs.3000/- a month each and them going round the city in search of jobs.

Job Search – Period of Planning :

During the period of unemployment, you have to meet plenty of people from all walks of life with a pleasing expression on your face, which will shake you of from the feeling of despondency.

Your interaction with people will provide you with opportunities to know the world around you and the changing needs and requirements of the job market.

Besides, you will also get their friendly cooperation in your job search. You must bear in mind that the unemployment phase is actually a period of planning and preparation for professional accomplishments and for reaching your career targets.

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