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Planning Career – Personal Traits :

Your should also be aware of your personal traits – your merits and flaws. Your future career accomplishments depend on cashing on your prominent traits. Review the inventory of traits and choose about 10 of your positive traits and a few negative ones

SI.No.BranchAddressStatePin CodeContact Number
30.Jaipur Dharma Heights, 10, Motilal Atal Marg,
Opp. Ganapati Plaza, Jaipur,
Rajasthan302001 0141 - 2368204, 2366603
31.KotaMPA - 8, Mahavir Nagar - 2,
Talwandi Kota,
Rajasthan324005 0744 - 2433839, 2407517
32.JodhpurP B No. 120 4th Chopasni Road,
Rajasthan3420010291 - 2616241
33.T.Nagar No.7, Prakasam Road,
Panagal Park, T.Nagar, Chennai
Tamilnadu60001704428156576, 28156578
34.Adyar91, First Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
Tamilnadu600020 044 - 24413430, 24912616
35.LucknowNo.1 & 2, Ashok Marg,
Hazaratganj, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh226001 0522 - 2622496, 2230998
36.GhaziabadNo.3, Navyug Market, GhaziabadUttar Pradesh2010012790996, 2791273
37.KanpurNo.50 / 276, Halsi Road, Kanpur CityUttar Pradesh2080010512 - 2352665, 2366470
38.Noida, Sec.- 63 H - A1 / 26, Sector 63, Noida Uttar Pradesh201301 0120 - 2427032, 9910773298
39.MoradabadStation Road, MoradabadUttar Pradesh2440010591 - 2310956
40.Allahabad 249, Chok, Zero Road, Allahabad Uttar Pradesh2110030532 - 2564311
41.Dehradun3, Astely Hall, Raipur Road,
Uttranchal2480010135 - 2657284, 2712986
42.Kolkata MainPB.No.717, 3 / 1 R.N. Mukherjee Road,
Shree Ram Chambers, Kolkatta
West Bengal700001033 - 22482597, 22484325
43.DurgapurBajaj Bhawan, Nachan Road,
Benachitty Durgapur, Burdwan
West Bengal713213 0343 - 2588197
44.Siliguri21 / 1, Hill Cart Road,
Air View More, Siliguri, Darjeeling
West Bengal7340010353 - 2431537

Planning Career – Career Track :

Now you should have a clear career track in your mind. Just getting a job is different from developing a career. You should have a short term and long-term goals. The former is your professional objective and the latter your career vision. The career vision is actually your life mission. First you have to equip yourself with all the required skills, abilities and knowledge to realize your immediate professional objective and then stick on to your career track with necessary zeal and reach the ultimate goal i.e. your career vision.

Planning Career – Career Vision :

Career vision means what you will be in life after 10 or 15 years. This milestone in life is essential, if you want your life to be meaningful and successful. You have to put in all your efforts you realize it. A few sample vision statements are given below

Planning Career – Sample Vision Statement :

Planning Career – Civil Engineer : 15 years from now, I visualize myself as a well established consultant in architecture and construction work with my office in two or three places in the district and with some 2 or 3 ongoing govt. Projects of about 6 to 12 months duration and about half a dozen projects of similar duration in private sector. Projects shall include road laying, building bridges, construction of factories, industries, schools and colleges. Each project shall not be less than 5 crores.

Planning Career – Doctor : In the course of about 14 years, I would be a leading and reputed open-heart surgeon. I will have well-established hospital with the latest sophisticated surgical instruments, attracting patients from all neighboring states. There will be a minimum of 20 open-heart surgeries performed in the hospital. The doctors and the supporting staff will be the best in the state.

Planning Career – Mathematics Teacher : Having started my career as a higher secondary mathematics teacher, I would like to be the head of my own school established on our village in about 20 years. The school would be one of most reputed and best schools in the district with residential facilities for the district with residential facilities for students coming from outside the village.

It will be a school different from all other schools in the district. Apart from academic study, emphasis will be on personality development, character building and other positive traits, which will help our student, obtain higher positions not only in govt. and private sectors but in foreign countries as well.

Planning Career – Lawyer : 15 years from now I would be a leading advocate in the state appearing for cashes in the high court. I will have under me half a dozen brilliant lawyers to assist me in my cases. I will take up a few govt. cases and argue them in the Supreme Court. I will also be coordinating the work of a set of lawyers taking the responsibilities of over-all results.

Planning Career – Professional Objectives :

Your professional objective is the first step in your onward march to your career vision. For any journey in your personal life, you know your destination. You plan to reach there through available transport facilities. You know what part of the journey you should cover by train and what part by auto and ultimate aim is to reach the destination, which will lead to realize your vision. Your professional objective takes into consideration your vision, abilities, skills, interests and specific knowledge. It will form an important component in your resume.


Planning Career – Sample Professional Objectives :

Planning Career – Civil Engineer: To become an efficient Civil Engineer, taking up contract work in private and public sectors with top quality as the hallmark of my work.

Planning Career – Doctor : To become a reputed heart surgeon with a 100% success rate in open-heart operations, creating immense confidence in patients who turn to me for treatment.

Planning Career – Mathematics Teacher : To become an efficient mathematics teacher and be known as the best teacher in school and take part in all activities of the school and guide students in their activities of the school and guide students in their academic ventures.

Planning Career – Lawyer : To become a popular advocate in the high court attracting a wide range of clients having implicit confidence in me.

Employer’s Motivators : In career planning process, you have to decide:

Who do you want to work for? Organizations differ on many counts. Some may be focused on their own development with no concern for the growth of the employees. Some others may view that in the employees’ well being lies their own development. In some organizations, you will be confident of reaching your career vision.

But in some others you will encounter stiff resistance in realizing your career objectives. Hence you have to conduct an extensive research on organization that interest you. Employees working in a wide variety of jobs generally expect their employers to offer the following motivators and facilities.

  • Job security
  • Reasonably good salary
  • Chances of promotion
  • Good working climate free from interventions
  • Recognition from peers and seniors
  • Annual vacation
  • Chances for developing new skills
  • Little job stress
  • Chances of professional growth
  • Pursuit of individual interest
  • Maintenance of personal integrity.

If you feel confident that the organization concerned will be able to protect the interest of the employees in respect of the above issues, you can as well pursue the employment with the organization and go a head with your resume designing.

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