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What is a Resume?

‘Resume’ derived from French mean ‘to summarize’. It is a brief summary of personal details about education, work experience and skills. Two other words used for ‘resume’ in India are ‘bio-data’ and ‘curriculum vitae’. Americans prefer ‘resume’ and it is quite popular in India as well.

Resume – A Marketing Tool :

A resume is a marketing tool. You may have qualifications and experience required for a particular position in an office but unless you communicate them in a resume, you will not be able to reach the interview stage.

Again, if your excellent academic credentials are not presented attractively in the resume, it may not reach the recruiter’s desk.

Thousands of resumes are received for a few vacancies and many of them are hurriedly scanned and disposed of rather than seriously read.

The employer takes 10 to 12 seconds to glance through the resume and the decision to call a candidate for an interview is based on the interest it creates in the very short period.

In this process, there is a possibility of a really worthy candidate being ignored. Hence your resume, which the recruiter holds for a few seconds, should be visually appealing with some arresting content features, which should compel him to retain it for a few more minutes for a careful study and favourable decision.

Candidates generally use the outdated and outmoded procedure and prepare dull and dreary resumes and wait for the interview call with batted breath and later they find themselves disappointed.

The customer strategy in business transactions is applicable to job market as well. We buy the best-advertised product rather than the best product. Similarly a spectacular resume has a better market value.

Resume – A Sales Brochure :

A resume is considered a sales brochure and you are a product ‘on sale’. A TV sales brochure is resplendently designed with all selling points about the product explicitly explained and attractively illustrated to influence the customers.

In a similar manner, a resume should contain all the essential information about the product i.e. yourself-your academic record, professional experience and potential skills in a visually appealing manner to attract the employer, who should visualize clearly the person behind the resume. It should highlight the end result of your activities.

Designing Resume :

Preparing a resume should not be considered a casual affair. It is a serious task, which involves your employment prospects. A lot of planning precedes its preparation.

What should find a place in a resume? A resume should be viewed as a truthful sales presentation. Hence, you should provide information, which the employer requires in respect of the job.

Academic record, career vision and objectives, past accomplishments and plans for the future growth of the organization from the bolts and nuts for shaping an attractive resume.

Students mostly prepare one resume and send it to all organizations without concern for the needs and recruitments of each job.

More often they send only a photocopy of the resume, which may create an impression that the candidate has been sending the resume to all the companies and has so far not succeeded in getting a job.

This may belittle his importance and value in the eyes of the employer. It is advisable to compose a fresh resume for each job depending on its professional requirements.

Two Types of Resume :

A resume has two types – the chronological resume and the functional resume. The chronological resume is most commonly used and is preferred in the case of persons who have continuity of service and steady job growth.

A functional resume focuses on functions rather then employment history. It is relevant to persons involved in research, managing resources and handling problems. The functional resume is preferable if :

  • You have no work experience
  • You have periodic gaps in your service
  • You re-enter service after a considerable
  • You seek employment unrelated to your previous job

In these cases, the incumbent does not lime to present his interrupted service track buy lays emphasis on certain talents, skills and abilities that helped him function effectively his career.

More then 95% of job seekers prefer a chronological pattern of resume, as it is direct, explicit and complete in itself and also easier to design.

Designing a  Resume :

Some Don’ts of  Designing a  Resume: A conservative resume is written in the pattern of filling up an application from e.g.

Name  :  N. Sarvana Raj
Father   :  G. Narayanaswamy

A modern resume on the other hand begins straight with the postal address and contact details i.e. telephone no. and e-mail address. Father’s name is considered irrelevant, as the employer’s exclusive concern is only on you.

Personal data like marital status and no of children have no place in a resume. Sex need not be included as the name suggests the sex and even otherwise the person’s sex is perceptible the time of interview.

The information on health may attract the response, ‘excellent’ even in the case of an ailing person and hence its inclusion meaning less. The employer, however, obtains an authentic medical report about the selected candidates at the time of their joining the organization.

You should not volunteer information on your physical appearance or disabilities as it can be discussed at the time of interview.

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