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Center for Financial Management Distance Education Courses

Centre for Financial Management ( CFM ),
Bangalore #17, I – A Cross,
17th A Main,
J.P. Nagar II Phase,
Bangalore – 560078,
Phone No . : 080 – 26597634, 9482851780,
E – mail : info@cfm-india.com,
Website : http://cfm-india.com.

Management Accounting and Financial Control ( Part – A )

  1. Understanding Financial Statements
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Accounting Mechanics
  4. Forecasting Financial Statements
  5. Cost Methods and Systems
  6. Managerial Decision Making
  7. Budgeting
  8. Strategy and Planning
  9. Strategic Cost Management
  10. Business Performance Measurement
  11. Accounting Standards
  12. Taxation

Financial Management Distance Education ( Part – B )

  • Overview
  • The Financial System
  • Valuation Concepts
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Business Financing
  • Working Capital Management
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions and Restructuring
  • International Finance
  • Value Based Management
  • Securities Market
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Services

Format and Duration : The program is a Distance Education Courses of six months duration.

Candidates will be provided with excellent reading material, and a detailed study plan to facilitate self – learning.

In addition, they will have the benefit of asking questions on the Internet.

The program is meant for non – finance executives in various areas ( like production, marketing, purchase, R&D, human resources, and IT ), entrepreneurs, and software professionals.

In addition, it will benefit MBA students who are not majoring in Finance.

Center for Financial Management Distance Education Courses Fee Details

Financial Management Distance Education fees is ₹ 3000/-.

Distance Education Courses Fee Covers below the Portions :

  1. Admission
  2. Courseware
  3. Querying facility
  4. Web – learning support
  5.  Service tax ( It is payable at the time of admission )

Distance Education Course  fee  for the composite paper is ₹ 3000/-. This is payable a month before the exam.

CFM Distance Education Courses fees for overseas students from Dubai and Nepal

Distance Education Course Fees for students from Dubai and Nepal will be INR 5000.

Distance Education Course  covers following the Particulars.

  • Admission
  • Courseware
  • Querying facility
  • Web – learning support
  • Service tax

It is payable at the time of admission.

Distance Education Courses Exam Fees for Overseas Students

Students writing the exam at Dubai and Nepal will have to pay INR 7000 for the paper. This is payable a month before the exam.

Enrollment Distance Education :

You can enroll for the Diploma in Finance Program ( 15th batch ) from 25th November, 2011 onwards.

The first set of examinations under new regulations will be held on 29th July, 2012.

Your enrollment will be valid till 31st January, 2013.

For online enrollment in the program visit website : www.cfm-india.com.

CFM Online enrollment will begin from 25th November, 2011.

Distance Learning Courseware :

On enrollment to the program, the complete courseware will be dispatched to you within two weeks of receiving your Distance Education application.

Examination and Qualification for Distance Education Courses

Examination for the composite paper will be held twice a year in the months of January and July.

The maximum time allowed to complete the program is one year.

Those who pass the program will be awarded qualification Diploma in Finance ( Finance for Non – Finance Executives ) issued by the Centre for Financial Management.

  • Program Highlights
  • State of the art curriculum
  • World class courseware
  • Web learning support
  • Excellent student service
  • Access to CFM Quarterly ( an e – Journal )
  • Modest Fees

Whenever you enroll, you will get the opportunity of writing two sets of consecutive examinations.

Put differently, your Enrollment will be valid for two Consecutive Examinations.

1. From 1st May to 31st October – Examination to be held in the following January and July.

2. From 1st November to 30th April – Examination to be held in the following July and January.

Distance Education Examination : The examination for the composite paper will be held twice a year in the months of January and July. Normally, it will be on the last Sunday of the month.

The examination fees is ₹ 3000/-. This is payable between 01st December and 05th January for the January examination, and between 01st June and 05th July for the July examination.

On payment of Distance Education Course Exam fees, your hall ticket will be generated.

Financial Management Distance Education Exam Centers

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Delhi
  4. Kolkata
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Mumbai
  7. Dubai

The venue of the examination will be posted on Center for Financial Management website : http://cfm-india.com one month before the examination.

Barring unforeseen delays, the results of January examination will be posted on our website by 15th March and results of July examination will be posted on website by 15th September.

Candidates will not receive individual communication.

Distance Education Qualification

If you secure 55% in the composite paper, you will be given the qualification Diploma in Finance issued by the Centre for Financial Management.

The certificate will be sent to you by post.

If you write the examination of the paper more than once, the highest marks secured by you in both the attempts will be considered.

Re – enrollment : If you cannot complete the course in the initial enrollment period, you may send a request ( through e – mail ) seeking re – enrollment for a further period of 6 months. The request must clearly state why you could not complete the programme during the initial enrollment period and why you are seeking re – enrollment. This request must be made within a period of 2 months after the expiry of your initial enrollment period.

The Centre for Financial Management will communicate its acceptance or rejection of your re – enrollment request within a week ( through e – mail or post )

If your application for re – enrollment is accepted by the Centre for Financial Management, you have to pay a re – enrollment fees of ₹ 1500/- within a week of receiving the communication of acceptance from the Centre for Financial Management. The exam fees during the re – enrollment period will also be ₹ 3000/- for the paper payable online a month before the exam. Your re – enrollment will be valid for one set of examinations.

If you are re – enrolled, the highest marks secured by you in all the attempts, including the ones made by you during the initial enrollment period, will be considered.

Central for Financial Management Exam Date : 29th January, 2012, 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

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