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AIT 2021 Online Application Form

Application Form :

Online : Online application form is available on our website wef December 2020. Application fee of ₹ 1200/ – can be paid through credit / debit card or netbanking. Cost of application form will not be refunded.

Admission at AIT, Pune, will tentatively take place within two weeks after the date of declaration of CBSE All India Rank. Admission schedule and Joining Instructions will be hosted on the AIT website in the month of June, 2021.

Last Date for Application

The online / offline application form duly completed must be submitted by April, 2021 or with late fee of ₹ 500 / – by May, 2021. No form will be accepted on or after May, 2021. AIT will not be held responsible for non receipt of Application Form due to failure on the part of Postal Department, Courier Service, or any other reason beyond the control of AIT.

AIT 2021 Admission Procedure

  • AIT Merit List will be made on the basis of JEE Main Rank. However, where weightage for gallantry awards is to be given as laid down in Para 16, the weightage marks will be added to the marks obtained in the JEE Main. The final AIT Merit List will then be made after weightage has been given to the affected candidates. If after award of ‘Weightage Marks’, two or more candidates secure the same marks, the inter-se merit of these candidates will be based on their earlier JEE Main Rank.
  • No Third Party Arbitration on Preparation of Merit List. The decision of AIT Management with respect to preparation of the Merit List will be final and no third party arbitration on this matter will be accepted.
  • Call for Admission / Joining Instructions. Admission schedule and Joining Instructions will be available on AIT website alongwith AIT merit list. Candidates will report to AIT for admission formalities on the day / date and time mentioned in admission schedule given in Joining Instructions. Inclusion of name in AIT Merit List does not bestow on the candidate the right to admission.

Mode of Offering Admission :

Following procedure will be adopted for admission of the candidates who have qualified as above

  • Branch of Engineering would be allotted taking into consideration the order of merit of the    candidate, available vacancies and choice of branch indicated by the candidate while filling-up the Admission Form at the time of Admission. Candidates are advised to fill in their choice of branch in the admission form as per their desire / preference even if there is no vacancy in that branch at that time. Choice mentioned in the admission form will form basis for re-allotment / re-adjustment of branch subsequently due to withdrawal / failure of some candidates to join AIT within stipulated time.
  • Failure of a candidate to present himself / herself on the day / date and time specified in their Joining Instructions or when specifically called for admission will lose claim to his / her merit. However, in case such a candidate presents himself / herself at a later time but during the admission process, a seat, if still vacant at that point of time, will be allotted to the said candidate. The merit of such a candidate will stand relegated to one below the seat last allotted.
  • A candidate presents himself / herself on admission day and refuses to take admission on being offered a seat will NOT be given another chance.
  • Only those waitlisted candidates who present themselves at AIT to avail of the chance offer the first time and fail to secure a seat due to early filling up of seats will be called for admission once more when a vacancy arises.
  • The candidate must personally be present at the time of Admission. A candidate, however, may be represented by his / her parents or a representative ( with an authority letter from parents concerned ) only in case it is not possible for him / her to be personally present due to medical reason. However, failure of a candidate to physically report to AIT on the date / time specified after grant of admission will result in cancellation of admission  without any warning / notice.

AIT 2021 Important Dates

Events Date
Last date for submission of online JEE Main 2021 Applications on website 01st January, 2021
JEE Main 2021 Examination Date (a) Off-line – 08th April, 2021
(b) On-line – 15th April, 2021 and 16th April, 2021
( More details visit )
Last date for receipt of completed AIT Application at AIT Admission Cell April, 2021 w/o Late Fee and  May, 2021 with Late Fee of Rs. 500/-
Declaration / Declassification of AIT Merit List, Admission schedule and Joining Instructions Available on AIT website approximately two weeks after the declaration of All India Ranking of candidates by JEE Main 2021
Admission of candidates Exact day, date & time will be included in the Joining Instructions / notified on AIT Website.

NIFT Admissions

Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.