ITSAT Application Form

ITSAT 2021 Application Form How to Apply : Icfai Tech School Admission Test ( ITSAT ) is an All India Admission Test conducted by The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education ( IFHE ), Hyderabad for students seeking admission into the B.Tech. Program. ITSAT 2021 is an aptitude test conducted in the following modes. Students interested […]

ITSAT Admission Procedure

ITSAT 2021 Admission Procedure Admission Procedure for candidates appearing in ITSAT 2021 and Interview : Provisional admission is given based on the marks secured by the student in the ITSAT 2021 and in the interview, subject to the student satisfying the eligibility criteria of admission. All applicants who are offered provisional admission will be required to […]

ITSAT Test Centres

ITSAT 2021 Exam Centres ITSAT will be conducted at test centers across India. The applicants can choose any one of the test center ( online / offline ) available for ITSAT. Please note that the requests for change of test center will not be entertained under normal circumstances. ITSAT Office reserves the right to add […]

Icfaitech School Admission Test – ITSAT

ITSAT ( ATIT ) 2021 Entrance Exam ATIT ( Admission Test for IcfaiTech ) is an All India Admission Test conducted by the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education ( IFHE ), Hyderabad. The exam is now called ITSAT ( ICFAI Tech School Admission Test ). The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE), Hyderabad for students […]

ITSAT Physics Syllabus

ITSAT 2021 Physics Syllabus   Units and Measurement : Units for measurement, system of units – S.I., fundamental and derived units. Dimensions and their applications. Description of Motion in One Dimension : Motion in a straight line, uniform and non-uniform motion, their graphical representation. Uniformly accelerated motion, and its applications. Description of Motion in Two […]

ITSAT Chemistry Syllabus

ITSAT Chemistry Syllabus 2021 – Page 1 Transition Metals including Lanthanides : Electronic configuration: General characteristic properties, oxidation states of transition metals. First row transition metals and general properties of their compounds-oxides, halides and sulphides. General properties of second and third row transition elements (Groupwise discussion). Preparation and reactions, properties and uses of Potassium dichromate and […]

ITSAT Chemistry Syllabus

ITSAT Chemistry Syllabus 2021 – Page 2 Some Basic Concepts : Measurement in chemistry (Precision, significant figures, SI units, Dimensional analysis). Laws of chemical combination. Atomic Mass, Molecular Mass, mole concept, Molar Mass, determination of Molecular formula. Chemical equation, stoichiometry of Chemical reactions. States of Matter : Gaseous state, measurable properties of gases, Boyle’s Law, Charle’s […]

ITSAT Syllabus for English

ITSAT 2021 Syllabus for English   Reading Comprehension Diction Formation of Effective Sentences Sentence Completion Vocabulary Common Errors.

ITSAT Syllabus

ITSAT 2021  Syllabus ITSAT Syllabus – Mathematics More Details… ITSAT Syllabus – Physics More Details… ITSAT Syllabus – Chemistry More Details… ITSAT Syllabus – English More Details…

ITSAT Mathematics Syllabus

ITSAT 2021 Mathematics Syllabus   Sets, Relations and Functions : Sets and their Representations, Union, intersection and complements of sets, and their algebraic properties, Relations, equivalence relations, mappings, one-one, into and onto mappings, composition of mappings. Complex Numbers : Complex numbers in the form a+ib and their representation in a plane. Argand diagram. Algebra of […]

ITSAT Results

ITSAT Results 2021   ITSAT Exam Date   ITSAT 2021 Exam Date ( Online ) : 4th week of  April, 2020 to 2nd week of  May, 2021 ITSAT 2021 Exam Date ( Offline ) : 2nd week of May, 2021.   ITSAT Result Date   ITSAT 2021 Entrance Exam Results has been declared

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Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

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