BEEE Application Form

BEEE 2021 Application Form The Application Form will be available from the official website of The Application Forms will be issued from November onwards. There are two modes of registration. Online with e-payment use the URL admissions, register and pay online. Application to be filled online by visiting admissions and the same can […]

BEEE Exam Centre

BEEE 2021 Exam Centres

BEEE Physics Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Physics Syllabus BEEE Physics Questions : ( 30 ) Unit 1 : Units and Measurement Units for measurement, system of units-S.I.  fundamental and derived units, measurements-errors in measurement significant figures, dimensions-dimensional analysis- applications Unit 2 : Mechanics Motion in one dimension-uniform and non-uniform motion-uniformly accelerated motion-scalar and vector quantities-Newton’s laws of motion-force and […]

BEEE Chemistry Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Chemistry Syllabus BEEE Chemistry Questions : 30 Unit 1 :  Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Matter and its nature, Dalton’s atomic theory; concept of atom, molecule, element and compound; physical quantities and their measurements in chemistry, precision and accuracy, significant figures, S.I. Units,  dimensional analysis; laws of chemical combination;atomic and molecular masses, mole concept, molar […]

BEEE Mathematics Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus BEEE Mathematics Questions : 30 Unit 1 : Units & Measurements Units for measurement, S.I Systems of units, fundamental and derived units, measurements, dimensional analysis, applications. Unit 2 : Mechanics Motion in one dimension – Uniform and Non-uniform and non-uniform motion – uniformly accelerated motion – scalar and vector quantities – […]

BEEE Biology Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Biology Syllabus BEEE Biology Questions : 30 Botany Unit 1 Taxonomy of Angiosperm Types of classifications – Artificial, Natural, Phylogenetic – Biosystematics – Binomial Nomenclature – Herbaria and their uses – Bentham and Hook er’s classification of plants – Families Malvaceae, Solanaceae – Euphorbiaceae, Musaceae and Economic Importance. Unit 2 : Plant Anatomy […]

BEEE Zoology Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Zoology Syllabus Zoology Unit I : Human Physiology Nutrition – introduction – carbohydrates – proteins – lipids – vitamins mineral – water – Balanced diet – calorie value – ( ICBM standard ) obesity – Hyperglycemia – hypoglycemia – malnutrition. Digestion – enzymes and enzyme action – Bones and Joints ( Major types ) […]

BEEE Syllabus

BEEE 2021 Syllabus BEEE Physics Syllabus Click Here BEEE Chemistry Syllabus Click Here BEEE Mathematical Syllabus Click Here BEEE Biology Syllabus Click Here BEEE Zoology Syllabus Click Here

BEEE Results

BEEE 2021 Results BEEE Exam Date BEEE Entrance Exam will be conducted on  April, 2021.  BEEE Result Date BEEE 2021 Entrance Exam Results will be declared on  May, 2021

Bharath University Engineering Entrance Examination – BEEE

BEEE 2021 Entrance Exam Bharath University invites application for admission to Engineering Programs through Bharath University Engineering Entrance Examination BEEE  for the academic year 2021  to the following courses. B.Tech B.Arch B.Tech Lateral M.Tech BEEE 2021 is an All India Engineering Entrance Examination Conducted by Bharath University for admission of B.Tech degree Programme through single […]

NIFT Admissions

Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.