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BITSAT 2021 Test Centres

In order to facilitate a large number of students all over India to participate in BITSAT 2021, apart from Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses of BITS where it is expected that a large number of students will take the test, the Institute is also planning to offer the tests at dedicated test centers in several other cities. The planned test centers are in the following cities

1 Agartala 22 Guwahati 43 Nasik
2 Agra 23 Gwalior 44 Noida
3 Ahmedabad 24 Hyderabad Campus of BITS 45 Patna
4 Aizwal 25 Hyderabad City 46 Pilani Campus of BITS
5 Ajmer 26 Indore 47 Pune
6 Allahabad 27 Jabalpur 48 Raipur
7 Aurangabad (Maharashtra) 28 Jaipur 49 Rajahmundry
8 Bangalore 29 Jalandhar 50 Rajkot
9 Bareilly 30 Jammu 51 Ranchi
10 Bhopal  31 Jamshedpur 52 Roorkee
11 Bhubaneswar  32 Jodhpur 53 Shimla
12 Chandigarh  33 Kanpur 54 Siliguri
13 Chennai 34 Kathmandu, Nepal 55 Surat
14 Coimbatore 35 Kolhapur 56 Thiruvananthapuram
15 Delhi 36 Kolkata 57 Tirupati
16 Dibrugarh 37 Lucknow 58 Udaipur
17 Dubai Campus of BITS (International Center) 38 Madurai 59 Vadodara
18 Ghaziabad 39 Mangalore 60 Vijayawada
19 Goa Campus of BITS 40 Mohali 61 Visakhapatnam
20 Gorakhpur 41 Mumbai
21 Gurgaon 42 Nagpur


The candidate can choose the centers from within India or Dubai. If a candidate chooses centers within India, he / she will be asked to give three preferences and will be allotted one out of these three. If a candidate chooses Dubai as a center, he / she will not be asked for any other center preference and will be allotted Dubai center only.

The final list of test centers in India and the operating days at each center in India and Dubai will depend on the number of applicants and their preferences and will be announced only after all the applications are received and candidates will be informed of the same through BITS admission website, so that the candidates can choose their date and slot for the test as per their convenience and availability of slots in any of these centers.

NIFT Admissions

Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.