GATE Solid Mechanics Syllabus

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GATE  Solid Mechanics Syllabus

Equivalent force systems; free – body diagrams; equilibrium equations; analysis of determinate trusses and frames; friction; particle kinematics and dynamics; dynamics of rigid bodies under planar motion; law of conservation of energy; law of conservation of momentum.

Stresses and strains; principal stresses and strains; Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain; generalized Hooke’s Law; elastic constants; thermal stresses; theories of failure.

Axial, shear and bending moment diagrams; axial, shear and bending stresses; combined stresses; deflection ( for symmetric bending ); torsion in circular shafts; thin walled pressure vessels; energy methods ( Castigliano’s Theorems ); Euler buckling.

Free vibration of single degree of freedom systems.

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