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JEE Advanced 2021 Reservation of Seats


Indian nationals belonging to certain categories are admitted under the seats reserved for them in accordance with the rules of the Government of India. The categories and the extent of reservation are as follows :

  • Other Backward Classes belonging to the Non-Creamy Layer ( OBC-NCL ) – 27% of seats in every course. The backward class should be in the current updated central list of OBCs

Candidates belonging to the creamy layer of OBC are NOT entitled for reservation. Such candidates are treated as belonging to the general (GEN), i.e., unreserved category, and they will be eligible only for the OPEN seats – the seats for which everyone is eligible.

  • Scheduled Caste ( SC ) – 15% of seats in every course.
  • Scheduled Tribe ( ST ) – 7.5% of seats in every course.

The benefit of reservation will be given only to those castes and tribes that are mentioned in the respective central list of corresponding states published by the Government of India ( websites : and ).

  •  Persons with Disability (PwD) – 3% seats in each of OPEN, OBC-NCL, SC and ST category seats.

Benefit would be given to those who have at least 40% impairment irrespective of the type of disability i.e., locomotor, visual or SEVERE dyslexic.

Leprosy-cured candidates who are otherwise fit to pursue the courses are also included in this sub – category.

Candidates belonging to the OBC-NCL, SC, ST and PwD categories will be declared as qualified on the basis of a relaxed criterion.

Unfilled seats in the OBC – NCL category will be de-reserved to OPEN category seats. whereas, seats remaining vacant under the SC and ST categories shall NOT be de-reserved to any category. The reservation for PwD candidates is horizontal and hence, unfilled seats will be de-reserved to the respective categories i.e., unfilled SC-PwD seats will be converted to the SC category seats and so on.

The category of a candidate as entered in the database, which will be made available by the JEE Apex Board [ which conducts JEE ( Main ) 2021 examination ], will be final and requests for change of category will not be entertained.

Defence Service ( DS ) Candidates

Defence Service ( DS ) category candidates are children of defence / paramilitary personnel killed or permanently disabled in action during war or peacetime operations. Two seats are available for preferential allotment in each Institute for DS candidates. To avail of this preferential allotment, a DS category candidate must be in the Common RankList of JEE ( Advanced ) 2021.

Foreign Nationals

Candidates who are not citizens of India ( by birth or naturalized ), do not belong to PIO / OCI category, and whose parents are not citizens of India and do not come under PIO / OCI category at the time of registering for JEE ( Advanced ) 2021 are treated as foreign nationals. Seats allotted to foreign nationals are supernumerary with a cap of 10% of total number of seats in every course. However, the seats allotted to PIO / OCI card holders will be under open category, but not supernumerary.

Foreign nationals are outside the ambit of reservation of seats under the OBC-NCL, SC, ST and PwD categories as specified herein.

NIFT Admissions

Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.