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JIIT PGET 2021 Syllabus

Applied and Computational Mathematics Syllabus

Algebra : Groups, rings and fields. Polynomial rings. Finite fields. Isomorphism. Vector spaces, basis and dimension. Matrices and linear transformations, Rank and nullity theorem. Inner product and norm. Eigenvalues and vectors. Eigenspaces.

Analysis : Real numbers and their completeness. Functions, limits, continuity and differentiability. Integration. Fundamental theorem of calculus. Taylor’s series. Functions of several variables. Gradient, divergence and curl. Gauss and Stokes theorems. Functions of a complex variable. Analytic functions, Cauchy theorem, Residue theorem.

Differential Equations : Linear differential equations of second order. Bessel and Legendre functions. Partial differential equations governing diffusion and wave motion, Laplace Equation.

Numerical Analysis : Solution of a nonlinear equation, system of linear equations. Interpolation. Numerical Integration and differentiation. Initial and boundary value problems. Basics of Programming in C.

Statistics and Probability : Sample space, events and probability axioms. Random variable and probability distributions. Mean and Variance. Binomial, normal and Poisson distributions. Random sampling, confidence intervals, testing hypotheses, goodness of fit. Regression.

Operations Research : Convex function, Linear Programming, Simplex Method, Dual Simplex Method, Transportation &Assignment problem, Game Theory, Queuing Models.

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