SRMEEE Application Form

SRMJEEE Application Form 2021 SRM JEEE 2021 Application Forms is Available in SRM University website  i. Online with e-payment  Use the URL : to register and pay online. ii. Online with Demand Draft Application to be filled online by visiting and the same can be downloaded and sent to us with the DD for ₹ […]

SRMEEE Eligibility Criteria

SRMJEEE 2021 Eligibility Criteria Eligibility for B.Tech Programs ( Duration : 4 Years ) Nationality and Age Resident Indian or Non-Resident Indian ( NRI ), holder of PIO or OCI card issued by Government of India are eligible to apply for SRMJEEE (UG). Note: NRIs, holders of PIO or OCI card issued by Government of India who […]

SRMEEE Admission Procedure

SRMJEEE 2021 Admission Procedure SRMJEEE 2021 B.Tech and Health Sciences Programs ( UG ) offered during the Academic Year 2021 can be found from The list is indicative only. Universityreserves the rights to amend the list based on viability of running the programs. The admission will be purely on the basis of the performance […]

SRMEEE Exam Pattern

SRMJEEE 2021 Exam Pattern General : Question paper will be only in English. Questions are of objective type. Each question has 4 alternate answers. The correct answer has to be chosen and the appropriate oval should be shaded. Duration of the Examination 2: 30 Hours. Coverage of Subjects  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology Question Type Objective type Multiple […]

SRMEEE Exam Centres

SRMJEEE  Exam Centres If a candidate has opted for online entrance examination, refer the following list to choose a test city and write the appropriate code in the space provided. Darken the corresponding numeral under each digit.

SRMEEE Syllabus

SRMJEEE 2021 Syllabus SRMEEE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus more details… SRMEEE 2021 Physics Syllabus more details… SRMEEE 2021 Chemistry Syllabus more details… SRMEEE 2021 Biology Syllabus more details…

SRMEEE Mathematics Syllabus

SRMJEEE Mathematics Syllabus 2021 Part 3 – Mathematics ( 35 Questions ) Unit 1 : Sets, Relations and Functions Sets and their representations, union, intersection and complements of sets and their algebraic properties, relations, equivalence relations, mappings, one-one, into and onto mappings, composition of mappings. Trigonometrical identities and equations. Inverse trigonometric functions and their properties. […]

SRMEEE Physics Syllabus

SRMJEEE Physics Syllabus 2021 Part 1 – Physics ( 35 Questions ) UNIT 1: Units and Measurement Units for measurement, system of units-S.I., fundamental and derived units, measurements – errors in measurement – significant figures, dimensions – dimensional analysis – applications. UNIT 2: Mechanics Kinematics: Motion in one dimension – uniform and non-uniform motion – […]

SRMEEE Chemistry Syllabus

SRMJEEE Chemistry Syllabus 2021 Part 2 – Chemistry ( 35 Questions ) UNIT 1: Atomic Structure Matter and its nature, Dalton’s atomic theory; concept of atom, molecule, element and compound; physical quantities and their measurements in chemistry, Precision and accuracy, signi_cant _gures, S.I. Units, dimensional analysis; Laws of chemical combination; atomic and molecular masses, mole […]

SRMEEE Biology Syllabus

SRMJEEE Biology Syllabus 2021 Part 4 : Biology ( 50 Questions ) SRMJEEE 2020 Botany Syllabus  Unit 1: Taxonomy of Angiosperm Types of classifications – Artificial, Natural, Phylogenetic – Biosystematics – Binomial Nomenclature – Herbaria and their uses – Bentham and Hooker’s classification of plants – Families Malvaceae, Solanaceae – Euphorbiaceae, Musaceae and Economic Importance. […]

SRMEEE Results

SRMJEEE 2021 Results   SRMJEEE 2021 Exam Date   SRMJEEE 2019 Entrance Exam will be held on 1st to 2nd week of  April, 2021   SRMJEEE 2021 Result Date   SRMJEEE 2021 Entrance Exam Results likely to be declared in the month of  4th week of April, 2021   Email Registration for SRMJEEE  Entrance Exam Results 2021   […]

SRMEEE Counselling

Important : SRMJEEE 2021 Counselling Details will be announced later SRMJEEE Counselling 2021 Counseling for admission to B.Tech programs of SRM University for all four campuses – Kattankulathur, Ramapuram, Vadapalani and NCR – as well as SRM University Haryana will be held from B.Tech Counseling – I ( On-campus ) : May, 2021 Counseling – […]

SRM Engineering Entrance Exam – SRMEEE

SRMJEEE Entrance Exam 2021 SRM University invites application for admission to B.Tech  Program for the academic session 2021. SRM Admission for B.Tech. program will be purely on the basis of the performance in the Engineering Entrance Examination conducted by SRM University. The candidates short-listed based on their performance in the entrance examination will be called […]

NIFT Admissions

Online Application 14 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.