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BIT Mesra 2018 Seats

Number of BIT Mesra Seats for M.E. / M.Tech / M.Pharm / MUP / M.Sc. Programs, GATE / GPAT Scholarships$, Reservations

ProgramsTotal Seats*
(A) M.E. Programmes (4-Semester) at Mesra
Automated Manufacturing Systems25
Chemical Engineering **18
Computer Aided Analysis and Design (CAAD)18
Civil (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering – 12, Structural Engineering –12) 24
Electrical (Control Systems – 12, Power Systems – 12, Power Electronics – 18)42
Electronics & Communication (Instrumentation & Control – 12, Microwave – 12, Wireless Communication – 18)42
Mechanical (Heat Power – 12, Design of Mechanical Equipment – 12)24
Space Engineering & Rocketry (Aerodynamics – 12, Rocket Propulsion – 12)24
(B) M.E. Programme (4-Semester) at BIT Extension Centre, Patna
Electronics & Communication (Wireless Communications)18
(C) M. Tech Programmes (4-Semester) at Mesra
Computer Science & Engineering16
Energy Technology18
Environmental Science & Engineering18
Information Technology18
Information Security18
Remote Sensing18
Software Engineering15
(D) M.Tech Programme (4-Semester) at BIT Extension Centre, Patna
Computer Science & Engineering18
(E) M. Pharm Programme (4-Semester) at Mesra
M. Pharm ( Pharmaceutics-15, Pharmaceutical Chemistry -15, Pharmacology-15,
Pharmacognosy – 15, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance -15 )
M. Pharm. Programme under AICTE Q.I.P.8
(F) Master of Urban Planning (MUP) Programme(4-Semester) at Mesra12

$Candidates admitted in M.E. / M.Tech / MUP with valid GATE 2016 / GATE 2017 / GATE 2018 score and M.Pharm with valid GPAT 2017  / GPAT 2018 score will be considered to receive scholarships only if approved and amount released by funding agency.

**No scholarships are available for these programs ( UGC approval applied for )**

(G) M.Sc. Programs Total Seats
M.Sc. in Biotechnology ( 4 - Semester ) 30
M.Sc. in Chemistry ( 4 - Semester ) 15
M.Sc. in Geoinformatics ( 4 - Semester ) 20
M.Sc. in Mathematics ( 4 - Semester ) 15
M.Sc. in Physics ( 4 - Semester ) 15

No scholarships are available for M.Sc. programs

The Institute reserves the right to lower the intake in a programme without showing any reason.

The Institute also reserves the right not to offer a particular programme in case the number of students found to be eligible to be admitted is less than 30% in number.

BIT Mesra 2018 Reservations 

  • For all programs at the Institute which are supported by any of the respective State Governments, the reservation criteria for the state quota are as per the norms of the respective State Government.
  • For all other programs the reservation criteria for SC & ST are as per the statutory norms of Central Government ( SC – 15% & ST – 7.5% )
  • The Institute observes statutory reservation for Persons with Disability ( 3% ).
  • Upto 6% of the seats in each M.Sc. Programs at its Off Campuses ( other than Mesra ) are reserved for candidates who are sons and daughters of serving employees of BIT, who otherwise have qualified for admissions.
  • At Mesra and Lalpur, 50% of the total seats are reserved for candidates from Jharkhand State, and the remaining 50% of the total seats are distributed in the rest of the states. The domicile of a candidate for the purpose shall be determined on the basis of place of passing his / her qualifying examination ( the location of his / her Institute ).

[ In case sufficient numbers of suitable candidates from any group are not available, the Institute reserves the right to fill the seats from the other group ].

However the final reservation proportion will depend on notification, if any, issued by competent authority and as accepted by the Institute.

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