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COMEDK UGET 2021 Results

COMEDK UGET 2021 Exam Date

COMEDK UGET Entrance Exam will be conducted on 20 June 2021. 

COMEDK UGET 2021 Result Date

COMEDK UGET 2021 Result Date : COMEDK UGET Result to be announced.

Provisional Answer Keys, Final Answer Keys (post challenge verification) and Test Scores of the candidates will be made available under the applicant login on as per the calendar of events. Clarifications, if any, should be sought within the dates stipulated. Subsequently, the final result would be made available which will be binding on all candidates and no further claim would be entertained thereafter.


  1. Applicant to login using his/ her user ID and password and fill the query in the challenge form provided online, clearly indicating the grievance and with all necessary enclosures.
  2. Clarification regarding provisional answer key should be submitted online in the format made available with a fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only+ convenience charges as applicable) per clarification to be paid online only.
  3. Only if the clarification sought is upheld, the money would be refunded in full after the COMEDK UGET 2021 process is completed.
  4. Any request for clarification of provisional answer keys beyond the last date as stipulated in calendar of events will not be entertained.

Note: Seeking clarification as above is only for provisional answer keys. Such clarifications are not entertained in respect of Final answer keys/Test Score and thereafter the Rank.

Any verifications/ clarifications sought by the applicants will be put forth to the COMEDK’s Academic Committee fortheir consideration and the decision given by the Committee shall be final and binding on all.


The final merit/ rank is generated based on the performance in the entrance test and the same will be made available on 6th JULY 2021 in applicant’s login ID


The COMEDK exam will be conducted in 2 sessions/slots. The candidates will be given different sets of questions per session/slot. It is quite possible that in spite of all efforts of maintaining equivalence among different question papers, the difficulty level of question papers administered in different sessions/slots may not be exactly the same. In order to maintain equivalence among different question papers Normalisation procedure will be adopted. Details of Normalization procedure adopted will be published in a separate document before the exam (as followed by NTA/IITs).

Ties in the test scores, if any, will be resolved based on the following order specified:

  1. The principle of least negative responses (number of wrong answers) in 1) Physics, 2) Mathematics and 3) Chemistry.
  2. Aggregate marks in Physics and Mathematics in the Entrance Test.
  3. Marks in Mathematics in the Entrance Test.
  4. Age of the Candidate, the elder candidate is ranked higher than the younger candidate.


Online Rank Card will be available under applicant login in the COMEDK website from 6/07/2021. Candidates appearing for COMEDK UGET-2021 counseling should download & obtain a printout of the Online Rank card.

No Rank Card will be dispatched either by email/post /courier / in person to the candidates under any circumstances.

Candidates will not be allowed to enter the counseling venue without the print out of Online Rank Card which is one of the mandatory documents.

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