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Important : Kerala CEE MDS 2021 Entrance Examination will be based on NEET Score.

Kerala Post Graduate MDS 2021 Seats Reservation

Distribution of Kerala CEE Seats

The distribution of seats under State quota for MDS degree courses in the three Government Dental Colleges for 2021 in respect of eight specialties. The rotations carried over / continued from previous year is indicated in the notes. The College wise, category wise and specialty wise distribution of seats.

Allotment of Seats under State General Merit Quota and other Reservation Quotas

Out of the total seats available for the various Dental specialties, in Government Dental Colleges and in 50% Government seats in Self Financing Dental Colleges, seats will be reserved for different categories.

Reservation for All India Quota for MDS Courses : These are the 50% seats set apart in MDS courses in Government Dental colleges in the State for candidates allotted by Government of India-DGHS, through the NEET MDS 2021. These are not included in this prospectus

Reservation for Persons with Disabilities : Leaving the seats set apart under Clause VI.1.1 , three percent (3%) of the total seats available for the State Quota, for all the courses in all the Government Dental Colleges are reserved for the candidates with physical disabilities. In case no qualified candidates are available, the seats will go to General Merit.

State General Merit quota : Leaving the 3% seats set apart for Persons with physical disabilities, 50% of the remaining seats under State Quota will be allotted under General Merit ( GM ).

Reservation for Socially and Educationally Backward classes ( SEBC ) : Leaving the seats set apart for Persons with disabilities ( 3%), 9 % of the remaining seats under State quota shall be reserved for candidates belonging to Socially and Educationally Backward Classes. The percentage break up of seats as per the SEBC reservation is as shown.

  • Ezhava ( EZ ) – 3 %
  • Muslim ( MU ) – 2 %
  • Other Backward Hindu ( BH ) – 1 %
  • Latin Catholic ( LC ) – 1 %
  • Other Backward Christian ( BX ) – 1 %
  • Kudumbi ( KU ) – 1 %

From 2020 Specialty wise reservation has been introduced for SEBC category, and hence the seats will be rotated and the rotation will be carried forward to successive years. If a duly qualified candidate is not available for admission from a particular community, it will be rotated to other communities in the sequence listed in clause Vl 1.4. However more than one seat on rotation will not be given to the same community. For example in the absence of a Kudumbi (KU) candidate, it will be rotated in the order of (c), (d) and (e), provided no seat is reserved for any of the communities mentioned in (c), (d) and (e) respectively.

The seats if any unavailed by the Reservation candidates will be transferred to State Merit quota.

Reservation for Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes ( SC / ST ) : Leaving the seats set apart for Persons with disabilities, 10 % of the remaining seats under State quota will be given to Scheduled Caste (8%) and Scheduled Tribe (2%) candidates. Specialty wise reservation will be on rotation and the rotation if required will be carried forward to successive years.

Un-availed seats of Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe : The seats un-availed of by the SC candidates will go to the ST candidates and vice versa. The seats un- availed by both the SC and ST candidates will go to OEC Categories. OEC candidates should furnish Non-Creamy layer Certificate obtained from the Village officer concerned for the claim of un-availed seats of SC and ST candidates. The seats the still remain unavailed of, if any will go to the General Merit Quota.

Reservation for Government Service candidates : Reservation not exceeding 31% will be reserved for Dental Surgeons in Kerala Government Service under the Directorates of Medical Education, Health Services and Insurance Medical Services. This is variable from year to year and whether such a reservation in respect of any category is essential, will be decided by the Prospectus Committee of Government.

Reserved Seats under Service Quota when so made, shall carry over as follows :

  • Seats reserved for MESQ shall revert to HSQ and if there are no candidates in HSQ, it shall revert to IMSQ
  • Seats reserved for HSQ shall revert to MESQ and if there are no candidates in MESQ, it shall revert to IMSQ
  • Seats reserved for IMSQ shall revert to MESQ and if there are no candidates under MESQ, it shall revert to HSQ.

The split up of the reservations will thus be as follows :

Total No of MDS Seats in Government Dental Colleges : 50% will be All India Quota. 50% will be State Quota. From the State Quota seats, leaving the 3% seats set apart for persons with disabilities, not less than 50% seats are distributed as General merit and the remaining seats are distributed as follows :

  • 9% : – SEBC
  • 10% :- 8%,SC / 2% ST
  • 31% :- Service Quota

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