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Kerala CEE MD Homoeopathy 2021 Application Form

How to Apply for the Admission

All candidates seeking admission to the course should apply online through the website of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations.

Applications can be submitted in online mode only, and all the supporting documents are to be uploaded only. The Application forms and Prospectus will not be available from any of the Homoeo Colleges or from the Office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examination.

Application Fee

A candidate who does’nt belong to SC / ST communities will be treated as “General Candidate” for the collection of application fee. The application fee for all candidates will be as follows :

  • General candidates including Service Candidates. : ₹. 900/-
  • SC /ST candidates : ₹. 450/-

Application fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Procedure for applying online

There are 5 steps for the online submission of application and all the steps are mandatory. Candidates should complete all steps and the candidates are advised to keep a softcopy or printout of the application for future reference. For the online submission of application, candidate has to visit the website where he/she can find the link “ PG Homoeo 2021- – Online Application”.

Step 1: Registration

This is a onetime online process during which the candidates will get a system generated ‘Application Number’. The candidates should give necessary basic data and create a strong password during the registration process. Candidates are advised to create a strong, unique password. The
requirements of a strong password are:

  • a minimum length of 8 characters
  • a minimum of one alphabet character [ a-z or A-Z ]
  • a minimum of one number ( 0-9 )
  • a minimum of one symbol [ ! @ # $ % ^ & *  ]

Step 2: Fill Application

All the basic information required for processing your application are to be filled in at this stage. Before filling the details, please read the Prospectus carefully.

The data provided here will be used for processing the application. Any mistake in filling this page or providing false / incomplete / wrong information will affect the candidate’s eligibility for admission or claim for reservation under any category. It is obligatory that the candidate fill all the mandatory fields in the application.

Candidates should take utmost care while filling the Online Application. Applicant should ensure that the data provided are correct before proceeding to next step.

Final Submission of Application : If the candidate is sure that the information provided in step 2 are correct,  click the link ‘Final Submission’.

Step 3: Pay Application Fee

The application fee for all candidates will be as follows :General candidates including Service Candidates : Rs. 900/- SC/ST : Rs. 450/- Two payment methods are available for remitting the application fee.

  • Online Payment
  • e-Challan

Online Payment

The Application fee can be paid through the online payment gateway. Those having an Internet banking, Credit card or Debit card can make use of this facility. Candidates availing this facility should read and follow each of the instructions given in the website carefully in order to ensure that the payment is successful. On successful payment, the candidate will be guided back to the home page wherein he/she will find the ‘Payment’ tab at the top turned green and can proceed to uploading of photograph, signature and supporting documents. If the payment transaction was unsuccessful, a message to that effect will be displayed on the screen and the candidate would be guided back to the homepage. On the other hand, if the candidate fails to receive the final confirmation ( success or failure ) message and is uncertain about the outcome of the transaction, due to communication failure or otherwise, he/she can re-login to the home page and inspect the ‘Pay Application Fee’ tab at the top to see if it’s green or not. If it has not turned green, the payment has not succeeded and the candidate may try for online payment afresh or resort to the e-Challan payment mode. If the candidate’s account is debited for an unsuccessful transaction, the amount will be reverted to his/her account within five working days.

e-Challan Payment ( Post Office )

If the mode of payment selected is e-Challan, the applicant needs to take printout of e-Challan by clicking the link ‘Print e-Challan’. Payment can be made in cash at any of the Head and Sub Post Offices in Kerala. The eChallan should be handed over to post office counter along with the required cash.

The post office’s official will make necessary entries both in their online portal and e-Challan form. The counterfoil of the e-Challan must be collected back from the post office official. It must be ensured that the official has recorded the Transactiion ID pertaining to the payment on the counter foil of the e-Challan and put the office stamp and his/her initials at the designated places on the counterfoil. If the payment was successful, the ‘Pay Application Fee’ tab in the candidate’s home page turns green.

Candidates are advised to login to the website and examine the ‘Pay Application Fee’ tab to make sure that the fee payment status has been updated by the post office official. If the payment tab has not turned green, the candidate should immediately contact the concerned post office and get the payment status updated. The list of Post Offices for collecting application fee is published in the web site.

Step 4: Upload Photograph, Signature and Documents / Certificates

Upload Photograph of Candidate

  • A studio generated soft copy of latest passport size color photograph with light coloured background in jpeg format between 10 kb to 30 kb of size and resolution 150 x 200 pixels is to be used for uploading.
  • The photograph should not be taken with the candidate wearing Cap or Goggles. Spectacles are allowed if being used regularly. POLAROID and COMPUTER / MOBILE-PHONE generated photos are not acceptable.

Upload Signature of Candidate

  • On a plain white sheet, the candidate should put his/her signature with black/blue ink.
  • Scan this signature and crop around the signature. Do not scan the full sheet. Scanned image file should be in jpg format. ( Jpeg )
  • Dimensions of the image of signature must be 150 pixels width and 100 pixels height.
  • File size should be below 30 KB.
  • Scanned image of signature must be clear and complete

Upload Documents / Certificates

  • All necessary certificates/documents to be uploaded should be in PDF format
  • File size of each document / certificate should not exceed 300 KB.
  • The scanned images should be of the original documents /certificates and should be clear enough to read.

Read before uploading documents / Certificates

  • The Originals of the uploaded documents should be furnished before the admitting authority as and when required.
  • The uploaded documents will be verified with the original documents by the admitting authority and the documents will be accepted only after this verification.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the correctness and clarity of the documents uploaded.
  • Uploading of any false or bogus documents may lead to disqualification of the candidacy.

Certificates / Documents to be uploaded in the Online Application.

  • The relevant page of the SSLC or other authentic school record to prove Date of Birth.
  • Certificate to prove Nativity from a Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildar and Certificate of Region of Education.
  • Certificate showing the fact that the candidate belongs to the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / OEC / SEBC issued by a Competent Officer from Revenue Department.
  • Certificates to prove educational qualifications in Homoeopathy with self attested copies of their mark lists.
  • Registration Certificate issued by the respective State Medical Council / Central Council of Homoeopathy. ( If the applicants do not possess the Registration Certificate, they shall produce the CRRI certificate at the time of admission )
  • A Certificate from the Head of the Department / Institution to show that the candidate is working in such Department/Institution .
  • A No Objection Certificate furnished by the Head of Department / Institution in the case of employees.
  • An attested copy of the certificate of disability from the District Medical Board certifying the degree of percentage of disability issued not earlier than 3 months prior to the submission of application has to be attached with the application form.
  • Candidates belonging to SEBC and OEC have to produce NonCreamy Layer Certificate for their category claims.
  • Migration certificate, if applicable
  • Intercaste marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Any other documents mentioned in the Notification of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations

Step 5: Print Application

After completing the uploading of all necessary certificates / documents, candidates can take a printout of the application and the uploaded documents by clicking on the link ‘Print Application’. Candidates are advised to keep a soft copy or printout of the application for future reference. Printout of application or any supporting document should not be sent to the office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations.

Last date and time for online submission of application

All candidates seeking admission to the course should submit the online application along with uploaded Certificates/Documents mentioned of the prospectus before 5 pm of  October, 2021. Late, defective and incomplete applications will be summarily rejected. No correspondence will be undertaken in this regard

Candidates will be allowed, neither to include any information in the application form nor to submit any certificates / Documents claiming reservation or any benefits, after the submission of the application.

Candidates may go through the various provisions of the Prospectus for admission to PG Homoeo courses 2021 available on the Official website of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations before filling up the Online application forms.

Issue of Kerala CEE MD Homoeopathy 2021 Admit Cards

The Admit Cards for the candidates appearing for the Entrance Examination will be available online in the website from October, 2021 onwards. The candidates may take the printout of the Admit Card which can be used for identification of the candidate in the examination hall.

Belated, incomplete, defective and wrongly addressed applications will be summarily rejected and no correspondence will be undertaken in this regard. Candidates will be allowed neither to include any information in the application form nor to submit any certificates / documents claiming reservation or any other benefits, after the submission of the application. Candidates must note that they have to obtain the required certificates in the respective format given in the Application form. The certificates, which are not in the format specified in the application form, will not be considered.

The Commissioner for Entrance Examinations will conduct the Entrance Examination, publish the Rank list of candidates based on merit as assessed in the Entrance Examination and forward the same to Chairman and Convenor of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will make the allotments and forward the Select list to the Colleges concerned for making admission.

Candidates may go through the details given in the Prospectus for admission to the Post Graduate Homoeopathy Courses : 2015 – 16, approved by the Government of Kerala available in the website before filling the application form.

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