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Odisha JEE Reservation of Seats 2021

Reservation of Seats under State Categories

The reservation of seats in different colleges under various categories will be as per the policy of the Government of Odisha. The percentage of seats to be reserved for different categories are subject to change and the decision of the State Government in this
regard shall be final and binding on the candidate. All Reservations are applicable to natives of Odisha State only and they must produce resident / Nativity certificate from Odisha State during document verification.

For MBBS / BDS and BAMS / BHMS course, nativity / residence certificate is mandatory for all candidates irrespective of category and sub category.

At present, 8% seats in all colleges are reserved for candidates belonging to Schedule Caste by birth ( not by marriage or adoption ). 12% seats in all colleges are reserved for candidates belonging to Schedule Tribe by birth ( not by marriage or adoption ). Separate merit lists will be published for each category of reservation. If eligible candidates belonging to a particular reserved category are not available, seats can be filled up by the candidates belonging to the general category.

Candidates applying for SC / ST reserved category shall furnish SC / ST certificate from the Tahasildar of the place of birth in Odisha at the time of document verification in the format. The candidate has to submit the Cast certificate in the prescribed format issued.

Note : Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe persons who have migrated from their state of origin to another state for the purpose of seeking education, employment etc., will be deemed to be scheduled caste / tribe of the state of their origin and will be entitled to derive benefits from the state of origin and not from the state to which they have migrated. Thus, SC / ST candidates from Odisha who are staying outside the State have to produce SC / ST certificate from the competent authority of Odisha State during document verification.

At present 5% of seats are reserved for children of Green Card holders for admission into B.Tech / B.Arch. / B.Pharm / MCA / MBA / Integrated MBA. Candidates applying under Green Card category shall furnish the Green card of their parents issued by Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha, in original at the time of document verification. The name, date of birth of the candidate along with the parents’ names should match with those mentioned in 10th class pass certificate. If in future it is found that the green card has been obtained by providing wrong information or suppressing / tempering facts, the card holder will be deprived of the facilities already obtained and will be liable for legal punitive action. A candidate producing a Green Card that is forged / tempered in any form shall be debarred from getting the quota.

At present 5% of seats are reserved for Physically Challenged ( PC ) or Person with Disability ( PWD ) candidates for admission to B.Tech / B. Arch / MBA / MCA / B. Pharm / Integrated MBA / courses. The candidates with 40% disabilities in consonance with section-39 of the Persons with Disabilities ( Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full participation ) Act, 1995 are eligible to be considered for getting reservation under PC / PWD category. The medical standard of PC category candidates will be decided by a medical board specifically constituted with Senior Professors of the premier medical college and hospital : SCB Medical College, Cuttack, and Chairman OJEE 2021 or his representative under the Chairmanship of Principal, SCB Medical College or his nominee. Therefore, it is mandatory for all candidates seeking reservation under PC / PWD to attend the medical
board on a given date, which will be notified before the counselling. The candidates verified by Medical board are eligible to be categorized as Physically Challenged candidates as per the report of Medical board. It is also valid for courses included for counselling later on.

The decision of this Board will be final and binding. Percentage and type of disability will be declared by Medical Board and based on their data admissions will be made. If a candidate is declared not to be physically challenged or disabled, he / she will automatically be considered as an unreserved candidate and his / her eligibility will follow as per the norm. Therefore, a candidate should not, submit along with the application form a medical certificate for claiming their Physically Challenged category. But, he / she is advised to keep a copy of their Physical Challenged certificate issued from competent authority in the examination hall.

Provisions for Persons with Disabilities

  • The candidates with disability should fill in the type and percentages of disability correctly in the online application form for OJEE 2018 ( If a field is given, otherwise no need ).
  • Only the candidates, who have 40% or more disability, will be provided with a Scribe / Reader on request of the candidate.
  • The candidate will have the discretion of opting his / her own scribe / reader or may submit a request to the centre superintendent for the same.
  • The centre superintendent will identify the scribe / reader. In case a request is received from the candidate, he/she would be allowed to meet the scribe a day before the examination to verify the suitability of the scribe.
  • 20 minutes / Hour compensatory ( extra ) time will also be allowed to the candidates with 40% or more disability irrespective of the fact that the candidate(s) is / are availing the facility of scribe / reader.

At present 3% of seats in Engineering Colleges for B.Tech are reserved for children / wards of ex-servicemen who are native of Odisha. They should apply at Rajaya Sainik Board for availing this quota. Rajya Sainik Board will provide the data of eligible candidates for ExServiceman quota to OJEE.

The final list will be displayed in OJEE website by 15th June. So, candidates are advised to contact Rajya Sainik Borad well in advance to get their documents verified and listed in ExServiceman category list. During seat allotment, these candidates will avail Ex-Serviceman quota.

During the process of registration, a candidate desiring to avail Rx-serviceman quota, must declare himself / herself as Ex-Serviceman sub category. Ex-Serviceman certificate provided by Rajya Sainik Board will not be verified at Nodal Center. Candidates are requested to produce the certificate to the institute, where they are admitted.

At present 30% of the seats in all the categories except Outside State ( ZZ ), Non-resident Indians ( NRI ), OL and TFW category are reserved for women candidates for B.Tech, B.Arch, MBA, MCA, / Integrated MBA* courses. Odisha state candidates who are willing to avail Women Quota, have to produce Nativity certificate, else they will be considered as General Candidate. For MBBS / BDS, BAMS / BHMS Courses, nativity certificate is mandatory for all candidates, irrespective of category and sub-category.

Seats up to maximum 5 percent of sanctioned intake per course are available for admissions under Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme [TFW] for B.Tech, B. Pharm, Lateral Entry courses. These seats are supernumerary in nature. The allotted supernumerary TFW seats will be as per the AICTE rule.

Eligibility criteria for Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme [ TFW ]

  • Sons and daughters of parents whose annual income is less than Rs. 6 lakhs ( Rupees Six lakh only ) from all sources are eligible for seats under this scheme. The candidates who will be interested in taking admission under this scheme have to produce income certificate issued by local Tahasildar during document verification.
  • The waiver is limited to the tuition fee as approved by the Government of Odisha Fee Committee for self-financing Institutions and by the Government for the Government Institutions. All other fees except the tuition fee will have to be paid by the beneficiary.
  • The candidate should be a native of Odisha.
  • TFW scheme is applicable to all AICTE / UGC approved technical institution offering Bachelor Programs of four years duration.
  • Candidate has to produce the following documents for claiming TFW scheme at the nodal centre during document verification.
    • The candidate has to submit the Resident / Nativity certificate in the prescribed format.
    • The candidate has to submit the Income certificate in the prescribed format issued not earlier than January, 2018.

For admission into 1st year Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery ( BHMS ) and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery ( BAMS ) degree courses; reservation applicable will be given before the scheduled dates of counseling after due approval from the Government of Odisha.

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