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Indian Politician A.R. Antulay Biography
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A.R. Antulay, with his undaunted spirit and knowledge became a name in the Indian Parliament.

Between 1977 and1980, Abdul Rahaman Antulay delivered whole-hearted assistance to Smt. Indira Gandhi during her subjugation and pursuance. He continued to be unwaveringly loyal and supportive to her.

A.R. Antulay initiated (i) Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana for the poor and downtrodden and (ii) Sanjay Gandhi Swawlamban Yojana during his Chief Minister ship in 1980-82. In order to instituted this Yojonas he paid out of State treasury loans to the poor and borderline farmers to the tune of 59 crore rupees.

Also built (Shaheed) Hutatma Smarak in every village where one or more persons laid down their life for the cause of freedom. Under this project over 250 such villages in the State of Maharashtra have a (Shaheed) Hutatma Samarak. This has been a unique initiative till date.

A.R. Antulay was born on 9th February 1929 to father Shri Hafiz Abdul Gafoor and mother Zohrabi in the village Ambet District, Raigad, Maharashtra. He is married to Nargis Antulay and the couple one son and three daughters.

After appearing for B.A examination, he studied Barrister-At -Law, Educated at Bombay University and Lincolin`s Inn, London.

A.R. Antulay started his career as active social worker in 1945. As a social worker his notable achievements include construction of (i) a jetty on the bank of Savitri river, Bankot (Khadi) Creek through `Shramdan`.
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A.R. Antulay also worked with own hands along with the villagers of Ambet; (ii) road between the village Ambet and Lonere Goregaon (then in Kulaba, now in Raigad district) to connect his village to NH-17. He had a keen interest in the Social causes like service of the weaker section of the society and up liftment of the unfortunates.

A.R. Antulay  has also been served as the former chief minister of the state of Maharashtra. He represents the Kolaba constituency of the state of Maharashtra,India as the Congress M.P. With taking an active role in formation of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers, A.R.Antulay is being credited. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers is an Indian public sector company at Alibag, which is the main town in his constituency.

Now he is the member of 14th Lok Sabha and served as the Union Minister of minority Affairs of India.

The positions held by him are sequentially; Chief, Youth Congress, Maharashtra (1960-62); President, District Congress Committee, Maharashtra (1962); General Secretary, P.C.C., Maharashtra (for seven years), (1962-69); Member, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1962-76) and (1980-89); Chairman, Committee on Non-official Bills and Resolutions, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1962); Chairman, Committee on Subordinate Legislation, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1967); Chairman, Estimates Committee, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1967); Minister of State, Law and Judiciary, Ports and Fisheries etc., Government of Maharashtra and Elevated to Cabinet rank Minister of Law & Judiciary, Building, Communication and Housing, Government of Maharashtra (1969-1976); Member, Rajya Sabha (1976-1980); Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra (1980-1982); Elected to 9th Lok Sabha (1989); Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term) (1991); Chairman, Committee on Public Undertakings (1992-93); Member, Standing Committee, Ministry of Railways (1993-94); Chairman, Joint Parliamentary Committee on Facilities and Remuneration to Members of Parliament (1993-95); Union Cabinet Minister, Health and Family Welfare (also held additional charge of Water Resources during Feb.-May 1996) (June 1995 – May 1996); Elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term) (1996); Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha (4th term) (2004); Cabinet Minister of Minority Affairs (29 Jan.2006-onwards).

A.R. Antulay has also written books on his credit :

(i)Parliamentary Privilege (compilation of his five articles published in the Times of India) ; (ii) Mahajan Report – Uncovered; (iii) Appointment of a Chief Justice; and (iv) Democracy- Parliamentary or Presidential? (compilation of his speeches and interviews). On media`s report of his involvement in corruption, he had to resign from the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

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