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A.L.E.A.P. A.L.E.A.P Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh
A.L.E.A.P. Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh
ARC Armoured Personnel Carrier
A.U.D. Ambedkar University, Delhi
B.V.R.A.A.M. Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile
C.A.H.C. Capital Airports Holding Company
C.D.A.P. Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan
C.E.D.A.W Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women
C.G.P.C.S. Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia
C.M.I.E. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
COBRA. Commando battalion for Resolute Action
C.V.E.R.D.E. Combat Vehicles Engineering Researchand Development Establishment
E.F.L. Ecologically Fragil Lands
E.P.A. Environment Protection Agency
E.S.O.A. Education Services for Overseas Students Act
E.U.M.A. The End Use Monitoring Agreement
F.I.N.E.R. Federation of Industries and Commerce of North Eastern Region
F.O.G.S.I. Federation of Obstetricsand Gynaecology Societies of India
G.R.B.A. Ganga River Basin Authority
I.B.F. Indian Business Forum
I.C.F.A.I.S. The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India Society, Hyderabad
I.C.W.F. Indian Community Welfare Fund
I.D.S.A. The Indian Direct Selling Association
I.F.R.A.S.T.E. Industrial and Financial Reconstruction Association for Small and Tiny Enterprises
I.L.E.W.G. International Lunar Exploration Working Group
I.M.E.I.No. International Mobile Equipment Identification Number
LN.C.O.I.S. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
I.N.M.A. International Newsmedia Marketing Association
I.N.S.P.I.R.E. The Innovation of Science Pursuit for Inspired Research
I.O.N.S. Indian Ocean Naval Symposium
I.U.CA.A. Inter University Centre for Astronomyand Astrophysics
J.U.C.C.C.E. Joint U.S. China Cooperation on Clean Energy
L.C.I.A. London Court of International Arbitration
M.S.M.E. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
N.A.T.M. New Austrian Tunneling Method
N.C.D.C. National Centre for Disease Control
N.C.E.U.S. National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector
N.C.H.A.C. North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council
N.C.P.C.R. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
N.C.P.U.L. National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language
N.E.L.P. New Exploration Licensing Policy
N.G.R.I. National Geophysical Research Institute
N.F.S.A. National Food Security Act
N.P.C. National Productivity Council
N.R.C.M. National Rural Livelihood Mission
N.S.S.K. Navjaat Shihshu Suraksha Karyakram
N.U.T.P. National Urban Transport Policy
O.E.C.D. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
P.D.P.R Prevention of Damage to Public Property
P.U.R.S.E. Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence
R.B.P.D.P.E Rural Backyard Poultry Development and Poultry Estates
S.A.M.C. South Asia Media Commission
S.A.U. South Asian Universities
S.C.N.T. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
S.C.O.D.A. The SEBI Committeeon Disclosures and Accounting Standards
S.O.F.A. Status of Forces Agreement
S.T.A.R.T. Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
S.T.P.F. Special Tiger Protection Force
S.W.A.T. Special Weaponsand Tactics
TAR. Trans Asian Railway
T.H.A.A.D. Theatre High Attitude Area Defence
U.l.D. Unique Identification
U.S.A.I.D. United States Agency for International Development
W.A.D.A. World Anti Doping Agency

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